David Graves      October 8th, 2010 in Blog

As I promised last week, here is the update on Spring admissions:

All freshman decisions have been made, and the decisions have been mailed out. Spring freshman application numbers are always small, so I will not go into details about the exact information.

Transfers: Of the 1,460 or so Spring transfer applicants, here is the rundown of the decisions.

  • 956 transfer applicants have been admitted.
  • 305 transfer applicants have been denied.
  • 156 transfer applicants are incomplete (missing application fee, no transcript, incomplete transcripts, etc.).
  • 41 transfer applicants are still being reviewed, and the delay many times is due to either  very complicated transcripts, a faculty member wanting to review the file, or some other oddity.
  • 1 student canceled their application (just thought I would throw that one in here).

Decision letters have been sent to all accepted or denied applicants, while emails were sent out earlier this week to the incomplete applicants. This list does not include study abroad applicants or students applying to the Griffin or Tifton campuses. These students should work with the contact people within those programs.

I hope this has helped everyone with their application process, and now accepted Spring students should start signing up for orientation (477 transfers have already signed up, and 72 freshman have as well).

Go Dawgs (and beat Tennessee)!

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