Haircuts, Admissions Offers, and Careful Cutting

  David Graves      May 27th, 2021

Roughly fifteen months ago, as most everyone transitioned to COVID-19 regulations and limiting their time at places outside their home, I bought a Wahl clipper hair cutting kit and my wife started her in-house barber shop with one client, me. My hair is pretty simple to cut, so I was not too worried. The “barber shop” is set up on the back deck, with me sitting on a stool while our dog looks on in either confusion or amusement. The first time she cut my hair, it took one nerve-racking hour (nerves were hers, not mine, as I would have been fine with a buzz cut), and it came out great. As she has since gotten more comfortable with cutting my hair, she has been able to get the cutting time down to about 20 minutes, and she has grown more confident with every cut. Sometimes, pandemics force you to learn new and exciting skills, but that is a story for another post. One thing we both learned when cutting hair is that you can always cut more, but you can never cut less. Once you have taken those first cuts with the clipper, you are committed. In other words, it’s better to slow down and leave it a little long with the first pass and then continue cutting if needed, as opposed to cutting off a lot and then hearing “oops”. Once you cut that hair off, there is no gluing it back on. So far there have been […]

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Fall 2022 and Test Scores

  David Graves      May 17th, 2021

  The Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia (USG) announced this week that the twenty-six USG colleges and universities for the state of Georgia will be requiring submission of an SAT or ACT score for admission for First Year students applying for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2022 terms and subsequent semesters. As such, the UGA Admissions Office will move forward with the implementation of this requirement when we open up the application for next year.   As stated in past communications about the academic portion of our admissions review, UGA will continue to put much greater emphasis on what a student has done over four years in the classroom and in their core course selection as compared to a four-hour standardized test. In addition, UGA will continue to use a whole student review process in our admissions evaluation in order to look at an applicant’s academic and co-curricular strengths in our overall review.   We hope this information will help you plan out things for next year, and Go Dawgs!

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2021 Wait List Update

  David Graves      May 3rd, 2021

In reviewing the deposits we received as of May 1, we are extremely close to the number of students we plan to enroll for Fall 2021 (projected new freshmen number is 5,800), but since we always project about 2-4% of our deposits to ultimately not enroll (due to personal situations, WL offers elsewhere, etc.), we will be admitting some students off the Wait List. Out of the 1,900 students who were offered the Wait List, roughly 1,000 decided to remain on the list. Late this afternoon, we will be offering admission off the Wait List to a little over 200 students for the Fall 2021 term. For these students, their status page will show a new decision, and an email will then be sent out alerting them to a change in their status. Over the next few weeks/months, we will then see what the response to these offers is, and how our deposits and deposit/cancels are looking. I cannot predict when we will complete our Wait List review, and I do not have an exact date for any future offers or when we will be done with the process. Given that our deposit numbers are close to what we predicted for next year, and that this has been and continues to be an unusual year, we do not know yet how many Wait List decisions we will need to make. As such, I predict that if we were to go deeper into the Wait List, we would then make small […]

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Next Steps for Students

  David Graves      March 24th, 2021

While this year in admissions and higher education has been unusual, we are slowly transitioning to some on campus admissions actions. This is a transition time as more vaccinations are occurring, and the CDC guidelines are being updated for different events and activities. As such, here are some updates, but they are prone to change. Admitted Student Events: As you can guess, large group admitted student events in the Spring will be virtual. We are still following the policies of the state and the University and will not have any large events until we are sure that the situation is safe to do so. We are setting up these events, and we will be communicating with admitted students and their families about these shortly.  We know that for many accepted students, you are still making up your mind on where you want to attend college next fall, and we will try to help in this journey as best as possible. Visiting Campus: We have started opening up small group tours for admitted students and one guest, and these students should have received an email about the process of signing up for these tours. These will be walking tours only, and there will be safety precautions for the tours. I also expect that as we get closer to summer (after early May), the tour policies and options for HS juniors and below will be updated, so please monitor the Visitor Center website and the admissions website for updates. Use alternate methods […]

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2021 Freshman Admits

  David Graves      March 19th, 2021

We plan to make the final wave of freshman decisions available today, March 19th, in the late afternoon time frame. For those of you who have been admitted to UGA, here is a post for you and a chance to comment.  Please remember that this is not a blog where you should post statistics or throw fellow students under the bus. These types of comments will be deleted. Congratulations to all of the freshman who were admitted and we look forward to you becoming part of the Bulldog Nation.  The next steps for a new student can be seen in the flyer in your admission packet, so please go ahead and review what you need to do next.  In addition, there will be a great deal of information you can access off of your Status page.  When you have the time, please review this, as there is key information in the Next Step materials.  Please remember a small number of students will be admitted to start in January 2022.  You will find specific information on your Status page and in your admissions packet, and it is stated very clearly so there is no confusion. Here are some rough statistics on the Entire Freshman Admitted Class for 2021-November, February and March waves, where we admitted 15,400+ students total, which is somewhat above last year’s offers of admission (I do not have separate data on just the final group, sorry): UGA Calculated Grade Point Average mid-range/average:  4.00 – 4.27, with a 4.12 […]

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