Admissions Advice for Parents

  David Graves      November 27th, 2023

Parents – I have been where you are. I have survived the late night feedings, the endless soccer/swimming/dance/whatever else events, the lengthy “discussions” about cleaning their rooms, and teaching them how to drive a car. Don’t even get me started on driving lessons. And I have also survived the college search process for both of […]

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2024 UGA In-State EA Decisions

  David Graves      November 17th, 2023

In-State Early Action decisions will be released at 4 pm EST today, so here are some details about the In-State EA applicant and admitted groups. When you log into your status page, you will see a “View Update” link under the Status Update, and that is where you will see your decision. About 20 minutes […]

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UGA 2024 Early Action Updates

  David Graves      November 1st, 2023

UGA Overall EA Admissions Over the last decade, the UGA applicant pool has grown at a substantial rate. If you look at the number of applicants over the past 10 years, you will see tremendous growth in our applicant pool both in size and in academic strength. We have gone from roughly 11,000 EA applicants […]

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2024 Early Action FAQ

  David Graves      October 9th, 2023

For UGA Admissions, early October brings out a wide range of questions about the UGA Early Action process, so here is an FAQ on the most prevalent questions out there at this time. Should I apply Early Action or Regular Decision? I don’t know. I really don’t. It is actually up to you whether you […]

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Updated Transfer Consideration Levels for Spring 2025

  David Graves      September 12th, 2023

In admissions, our role is not just to admit students, but also to analyze enrollment numbers, review UGA student success using academic data for admission decisions, and to work with our campus partners to help develop a strong UGA community. A part of this process includes reviewing transfer applicants and enrolled transfer students, then determining […]

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