Self-Reported Grades

When applying as a first-year student to UGA, students will be asked to submit a summary of the grades earned in academic courses in high school. While UGA requires an official transcript from the high school, we also prompt students to submit their self-reported grades. We do not ask for a GPA, but rather a subject area by subject area summary of the grades received in their academic classes from 9th grade through the time in which they are applying for admission. The FAQ below is designed to address some of the more common questions we receive regarding this requirement.

Can you give me an example of how to translate my transcript to this grade report?

If your high school uses only one type of academic credit (semester, block, etc.), you should total all credits by academic year and subject (including AP, IB, AICE & DE) and record the accompanying grades. In addition to this list, be sure to record the total number of AP, IB, AICE & DE courses throughout your entire high-school career. The sample transcript and accompanying screenshot below shows you how to review your transcript and enter in the correct information by academic year.

Transcript - 11th Grade Example

Self Reported Grades - 11th Grade Example

What if my school uses more than one type of grading term (semesters, block schedule, etc.)?

If your grades are in two different types of terms (semester and block as an example), then the different credit types should be counted by the lowest common denominator. For example, the half-credit courses are counted once, while the 1.0 credit grades are counted twice. The sample transcript and accompanying chart below shows you how to review your transcript and enter in the correct information on the chart.

Transcript - 12th Grade with Mixed Curriculum Example

Self Reported Grades - 12th Grade with Mixed Curriculum  Example

Should I include my 8th grade coursework?

Do not list grades from classes taken in middle school, even if they are HS level courses.

What if I am submitting my application via the Coalition Application?

Students will receive an email outlining next steps within 24 hours after submitting their Coalition Application. Within that email, students will be directed to their Status Portal where there will be a form to submit the self-reported grades as detailed in this FAQ.

What should I do if my school uses a numerical or plus/minus system?

Plus/Minus grades are not factored into grades you submit for UGA, so a B- and a B+ are treated as a B. Numerical grading systems should be converted to A-F Grades based on your high school’s grading scale. Your transcript should list your school’s grading scale, or you can speak with your counselor about your school’s grading scale.

If I complete the self-reported grade report, do I still need to send in an official transcript?

An official High School transcript is required of all first-year applicants. Failure to provide an official transcript will result in an incomplete application.

How will UGA know about the rigor of my coursework?

When the Office of Admissions reviews rigor of curriculum, we are looking to see how you have challenged yourself throughout high school. How have you challenged yourself with what is available to you at your high school? We recognize that each high school is different, so we will always review you in the context of where you are enrolled. Part of that is having your high school counselor complete the school evaluation. In addition, we will also review your high school transcript and the courses that you are choosing to take senior year.

I am an international student, should I complete this form?

If you are an international student who attends a school that does not use a standardized US grading scale, DO NOT complete the form and check the box that says “….”

I am a home-educated student, should I complete this form?

If your school IS accredited by a Regional Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS, MSACS, NCACS, NEACS, NACS or WACS), a state’s Department of Education or certain Georgia authorities (Georgia Accrediting Commission, Georgia Private School Accrediting Commission or the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study), then you should complete the self-reported grades form.

If your school IS NOT accredited by one of the organizations mentioned above, you should NOT complete the form and use the checkbox to indicate that you are unable to complete this form.

I have attended more than one high school, should I complete this form?

If your current high school transcript lists all your coursework from all high schools attended, then use that transcript to complete the form.

If your current high school ONLY has grades from the time you have attended that school, then you should obtain ALL previous school(s) transcript and enter in the grades from each high school transcript.

Should I include grades from a mid-year report or that are in progress?

You should only include grades that are finalized and recorded on your current high school transcript. Senior year grades that are in progress should NOT be recorded on the self-reported grades form.

My school adds additional points to the teacher's grades for Honors/AP courses—should I remove these points?

You should report the teacher grades as they are listed on your transcript, so if the teacher grades have an added weight, do not remove this weight. UGA knows the policies of the schools and weighting, and we have a process in place to not add weight for AP/IB courses if your school already does this.

What will happen if I am eligible to complete the Self-Reported, but do not?

All eligible applicants are required to complete the Self-Reported grade form to the best of their ability. Failure to do so may result in delays in processing, decision and other problems.