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Freshman Timelines

In general, there are three times during the year that UGA releases freshman decisions:

  • The Fall freshman application will be accessible online in early August, and the Spring freshman application will be available in late
  • Late November to Early December – EA Decisions released
  • Late February – Admit decisions, for RD or deferred EA applicants, who meet EA admit criteria
  • Late March – Final Decisions for all remaining RD and deferred EA freshman applicants

See the Admissions Deadlines page for more details on the specific deadlines and required materials for admission consideration.

Transfer Timelines

In general, transfer decisions are sent out based upon the term for which a student has applied, and the time is based upon when we are able to review the files and how many files we have to review. Transfer decisions are made every Friday during the review period, but we are not able to estimate when a student will receive a decision, as it depends on how many overall applicants there are and how challenging a file is to review:

  • The Summer/Fall transfer application will be accessible online in mid-late January, and the Spring application in late May
  • Summer Transfers – Generally, UGA reviews a majority of the files in early February through the beginning of March, with a limited number of decisions coming before and/or after this time frame due to other factors.
  • Fall Transfers – Generally, the review process begins in mid-February and goes through the beginning of May, starting with the files that were completed first and working from there. In addition, files with more complicated transcripts or multiple transcripts may take longer to review.
  • Spring Transfers – Generally, UGA begins the review and initial decision release of Spring files in July, and will finish most of the decisions by late September.

Transfer deadlines are for both the application and for all college transcripts. UGA will only review academic work that is completed and sent to our office by the deadline. For example, Fall transfer applicants have a deadline of 3/1, so we can only review work completed and into our office by 3/1. We cannot use work from a Spring term where classes are in progress and will be completed after the deadline.