First-Year Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some commonly asked questions for First-Year applicants. Please keep in mind that the application process is student-managed and that students are responsible for keeping up with dates, deadlines, and items to be submitted.

Does UGA track demonstrated interest?

The University of Georgia DOES NOT consider demonstrated interest in our review process, as all applicants do not have the same resources to travel to campus, attend events, etc. We want to admit strong students that will be a good fit for our campus community, so we look at many other factors that do not include demonstrated interest.

Do you consider AP scores in the application evaluation?

AP scores are not considered in the application review, but AP courses taken are considered when reviewing rigor of curriculum. Additionally, enrolled students may receive college credit for certain scores on AP tests. You can find more information here:

What does a competitive student look like? How can I make my application stronger?

At the University of Georgia we practice a whole-student review, meaning that while academics play an important role, so do essays, leadership, extra-curricular activities and letters of recommendation. Ultimately, to be a competitive student, we are looking for somebody that will be able to contribute to and learn from the campus community.

How do I submit transcripts?

We need an official version of your transcript, not a copy, sent directly from your school. Your high school counselor can submit via the links provided in the Common App process, via email, or through the UGA counselor portal.

How should the Secondary School Report be sent?

Please ask your high school counselor to submit your Secondary School Report. They can either submit our form through the UGA counselor portal, or they can submit the NACAC Secondary School Report through Naviance or via email. If they do not have access to the UGA counselor portal, please have them request access by emailing the admissions representative for your area.

Can you tell me how UGA recalculates GPA?

Please review this blog post to see how we recalculate GPA:

Do you accept fee waivers?

Yes, we accept fee waivers for US Citizens and Permanent Residents. You can learn more about our accepted fee waiver options by visiting the fee waiver page.

May I use artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, to help write my admissions essay?

AI based writing assistance programs should be treated like any other form of assistance, whether it is a parent, counselor or friend. The writing you submit on your application must be your own. The essay prompts we have chosen help us to better understand you as a person, and the only one who can really share this is you.

Are students required to submit recommendation letters? How many?

Recommendation letters are optional but encouraged. If you do choose to submit letters we do not have a certain number, but keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity.

How do I self-report my grades? Will it impact my admissions decision if I don’t self-report my grades?
Will you accept test scores past the application deadline?

For Early Action, the last test date accepted is the October SAT or the September ACT. For Regular Decision, the last test date accepted is the December ACT or SAT. As long as tests are taken and scores are requested by the application deadline we can utilize them in the review process.

I requested my transcript/recommendation letter/school evaluation form to be sent and/or completed. Have you received it?

Please allow 5-7 business days for documents to be processed. If after 5-7 business days your document is still not showing as “received” on your status portal, please email your admissions officer to inquire. In your email, please include your full name, application number, what document you are missing, and how that document was sent to UGA.

Can I still submit documents such as transcripts or recommendation letters past the materials deadline? What happens if materials are submitted late?

If materials are submitted past the deadline, we cannot guarantee that they will be processed. We recommend submitting your materials well before the deadline if possible to ensure that your application will be completed.

Can I submit a mid-semester transcript? Will my first semester grades be included in the GPA?

GPAs are recalculated using 9th, 10th, and 11th grade grades. Your counselor can submit a mid-year transcript but it will not be factored into your GPA.

Where can I submit additional documents for my application?

You can submit additional documents for your application by logging on to your status portal and uploading them in the materials section or by submitting them via email to

When will decisions be released?

Decision release depends on how many applications we receive and how quickly we can review those applications while still being thorough in that review. Early Action decisions are typically released mid-November for Georgia residents and mid-December for Non-Georgia residents. Final decisions are typically released mid-March.


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