2022 EA Application Update

  David Graves      November 1st, 2021

This morning the UGA Admissions Office announced that our Early Action decision release date would be Friday, November 19 in the late afternoon. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know not to ask when late afternoon is, as I cannot give you an exact time. In the lead up […]

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December 2019 Admission Thoughts

  David Graves      December 4th, 2019

It is early December, and as such we are about two weeks removed from the Early Action decision releases. At this point in time, we are getting a wide range of questions from admitted freshmen, deferred EA applicants, Regular Decision applicants and potential transfer students. As such, this blog post will go into detail about […]

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The Past and Present of College Admissions

  David Graves      February 13th, 2019

You hear it all the time – “Back when I was applying to college …”. Yes, things have changed over the last 20+ years in admissions, but trust me, that is actually not a bad thing in many cases. I am currently reading a book titled “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling, and he writes about how, […]

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2018 Early Action Update

  David Graves      October 17th, 2017

With the Early Action deadline having just passed, here are a few updates about the process: Total EA Applications:  14, 979 applications submitted Complete Early Action Applications as of today: 10, 577 (72% of the group) # of EA Applicants Applying within 2 days of Deadline: 5,802 As you can see, a large number of the Early […]

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2017 Freshman Application is Open

  David Graves      September 1st, 2016

The 2017 Freshman application is now open! Here are a few key steps about what to do after you submit an application.  A short while after you apply, we will load your application into our system.  You will then be able to log into the Applicant Status page, and this is where you will be […]

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January 2015 Update

  David Graves      January 7th, 2015

We are just over one week from the Regular Decision deadline today, and I am guessing that thousands of students are finishing up the final pieces of the application. As you can see from the projected weather for the next few days, you never know when something odd might cause a delay in taking care […]

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Before & After You Apply EA

  David Graves      October 1st, 2014

With the Early Action deadline approaching, here are a few more detailed steps to take both before and after you apply. BEFORE Get a copy of your SSN card to make sure your information is correct for both admissions and Financial Aid data. Print out a copy of your official HS transcript to help with […]

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Early Action Update

  David Graves      October 24th, 2013

With the Early Action deadline passing, here are a few updates about the process: Total Early Action Applications:  12,071 Complete Early Action Applications: 7,697 # of EA Applicants Applying near Deadline: 2,593 As you can see, a large number of the Early Action applications are complete.  Additionally, over 20% of the total applicant pool for […]

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Early Action Deadline Approaching

  David Graves      October 2nd, 2013

The Early Action deadline is approaching, so here are a few suggestions as we approach the deadline: Don’t wait until the last minute.  Even though the deadline is October 15, you should not wait until the last minute to submit your application.  We do not hold it against you if you wait until 11:59PM on […]

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High School Evaluations and Teacher Recommendations

  David Graves      December 7th, 2012

We often get questions from First Year applicants regarding the counselor evaluation and teacher recommendation.  These questions range from where to find these forms to how we are using this information in the file review process.  Both forms are important in the review of a student’s file.  Here are some tips on why they are […]

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