Fall 2025 UGA Essay Questions

  David Graves      May 22nd, 2024

For First Year students applying to UGA for Fall 2025, we will keep the same longer personal essay (250-650 words) as before, using the essay prompts from the Common App. The shorter UGA specific essay (200-300 words suggested) topic will also remain the same as last year, with the following essay prompt: “The transition from […]

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New Information for 2024 First Year Applicants

  David Graves      May 26th, 2023

For the Fall 2024 First-Year applicant group, there are three updates the UGA Admissions Office wants to make known when students are preparing to apply to UGA. We will be exclusively using the Common App for our First-Year applicants. We will still use our in-house application for non First-Year applicants such as transfer students, but […]

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2023 Application Essays

  David Graves      June 3rd, 2022

For the Fall 2023 class, UGA will be keeping the same essay questions as have had for the past few years. UGA will require two essays, a longer personal essay (250-650 words) and a shorter essay (200-300 words).  In addition, the Fall 2023 application will open up on August 1 in order to align our […]

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Fall 2022 Application and Essay Information

  David Graves      July 1st, 2021

For the Fall 2022 class, UGA will be keeping the same essay questions as have had for the past few years. UGA will require two essays, a longer personal essay (250-650 words) and a shorter essay (200-300 words). The Common App has changed one essay in their list, and it is reflected here and on […]

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Information on the UGA 2021 Application

  David Graves      May 7th, 2020

Big News!! For the UGA Freshman 2021 application, the UGA Admissions Office will accept the Common Application as an option for prospective student applicants. Okay, now that you have recovered from your shock (it only took us 10+ years to choose this option), here are the details for applying for next year. Applying UGA will […]

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Admission Traffic Lights

  David Graves      September 25th, 2019

I am not sure what this says about me, but I think traffic lights are awesome. Maybe I just played Red Light/Green Light a little too much as a kid. But traffic lights bring order to what could be chaos, give people subtle and not so subtle alerts about what to do, and overall they […]

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2020 Freshman Essay Questions

  David Graves      May 30th, 2019

Every year, our office reviews the freshman application for changes that we would like to see for the next year. During this review, we also look at the short essay questions that are required for First Year applicants. Based on our review of the essays from last year, we are keeping the essay prompts the […]

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Admissions Checklist

  David Graves      August 22nd, 2018

I will tell you right now, I love the podcast for NPR’s “Hidden Brain” by Shankar Vedantam. I hope that one day I might be a part of a story about college admissions on this podcast (I know, keep dreaming). And one of my favorite episodes on this program is “Check Yourself”, a podcast about […]

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DIY Admissions-Parent Edition

  David Graves      July 6th, 2018

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post about how students should be able to handle the application process on their own, with a limited amount of guidance from parents/counselors friends. This month, the focus is on how parents can help get students to that stage of the process: Last week, I was volunteering […]

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DIY Admissions

  David Graves      June 5th, 2018

For the last few weeks, my shower has suddenly started to drip water, even with the handle set at full off. I could live with a tiny leak, but this was becoming a steady leak, leading to other issues. So this weekend, I took on the task of repairing my shower in my house. I […]

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