January 2020 UGA Admission Thoughts

  David Graves      January 3rd, 2020

We have now closed out the 2020 Fall Freshman application, and we will be very busy over the next few months. We have a large number of materials and test scores to connect with applications, transcripts to review and files to read, and we only have a limited number of days in which to do […]

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Missing items email

  David Graves      February 4th, 2014

We will be sending out an email later today to First Year applicants with incomplete files.  If you receive this email, please log in to your myStatus to see what you are missing, and then take care of the issue ASAP.  Remember, we are going to accept the January SAT and you do not need […]

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EA Deadline, The Day After

  David Graves      October 17th, 2013

The Early Action deadline has come and gone, and we will spend the next several weeks matching up transcripts, test scores, recommendations, etc. Please be patient while we go through documents, as we had two full bins this morning, we are also receiving large numbers of e-documents through Parchment and GA411, and we will have […]

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myStatus Page Down

  David Graves      March 14th, 2013

In preparation for First Year decisions, the myStatus page will be temporarily closed.  This will affect the status check for First Year and Transfer applicants.  We must do this to allow our office to begin the final stages of the decision process.  We will still be making transfer decisions during this time and letters will […]

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2013 EA Decisions Now Available!

  David Graves      November 16th, 2012

Early Action decisions are now available online!  You can view the press release with some statistics about EA students who were admitted here.  For students who were deferred, please understand that this is not a denial decision.  We want to be able to have a more in-depth review of you, including short essays, activities, recommendations, […]

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Early Action Update

  David Graves      November 9th, 2012

We will be shutting down our Status Check until Early Action decisions are ready to be released.  This will affect the Status Check for all applicants, Early Action and Regular Decision first year applicants, transfers, etc.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but it is needed in order to make admissions decisions.  We […]

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Cancel or Correct?

  David Graves      September 20th, 2012

Yesterday you filled out your application, paid with a credit card and hit SEND.  Today you look over your application one more time, and “Oops!!”  You forgot to mention being basketball team captain.  You miscalculated your A’s and B’s.  Your mother’s email address was wrong.  You meant to apply for Regular Decision, not Early Action. […]

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UGA Admissions iPhone App 3.0

  David Graves      June 13th, 2012

An updated version of our Admissions iPhone App has been released, available for download on any iPhone or iPod Touch for free from iTunes.  This updated version has many new features including: At a Glance: Browse the high points of the University, its students, faculty, alumnus and athletics. Campus Tour: Explore the University of Georgia’s historic North […]

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Status Check on myStatus back up

  David Graves      August 23rd, 2010

The Status Check part of the myStatus page is now back up. We will be working hard over the next few days to link up materials with the application files that have just come in, so please be patient. When we import files into our system, we are then able to start matching up materials […]

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The Status part of myStatus Page Down

  David Graves      August 20th, 2010

Quick update for everyone. The UGA myStatus page will be down until Tuesday due to some issues with the importing of data from the recent applications. The applications are downloading into our system, but there are at times some minor glitches that we want to iron out before the information is displayed on myStatus. We […]

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