Student Services

You don’t just Commit to UGA, we commit to you too. Our Student Services are tailored to the unique needs of our students with a caring and attentive staff.

Student Care and Outreach
Student Care and Outreach provides individualized assistance to students experiencing hardship circumstances, support to faculty and staff working with students in distress situations, and guidance to parents seeking help and information on behalf of their students.
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Student Conduct
Student Conduct educates students and student organizations about their rights, responsibilities and expectations as members of the UGA community while providing a fair and educational process through which alleged violations of the UGA Code of Conduct are resolved.
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Student Veterans Resource Center
The Student Veterans Resource Center serves as the primary location for way-finding and entry into a wide array of services for student veterans, offering support, advocacy, and a convenient lounge as a central gathering location.
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Disability Resource Center
The Disability Resource Center promotes equal education opportunities and a welcoming academic, physical and social environment of UGA students in need of accommodations and support.
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Campus Transit
The Campus Transit System provides transportation services throughout the University campus. Buses operate 24-hours a day from Monday morning through Friday night with peak hours of service from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Campus Transit operates eleven day routes and four night routes, as well as overnight and weekend services.

Incoming students can also bring a car to campus and are eligible for paid parking permits.
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Division of Academic Enhancement
The Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE) provides a wide array of academic support services for students who are seeking academic excellence.

Milledge Hall's Academic Resource Center (ARC) is centrally located on campus and hosts a large number of free services which include writing assistance; academic counseling by licensed professionals; tutoring sessions for over 50 undergraduate courses; and drop-in labs and test reviews for core courses.
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Career Center
The UGA Career Center is committed to helping UGA students and alumni explore majors and career paths, seek jobs and internships, get into graduate school, and plan for their future career.
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