Admissions Checklist

  David Graves      August 22nd, 2018

I will tell you right now, I love the podcast for NPR’s “Hidden Brain” by Shankar Vedantam. I hope that one day I might be a part of a story about college admissions on this podcast (I know, keep dreaming). And one of my favorite episodes on this program is “Check Yourself”, a podcast about […]

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2017 Early Action Updates

  David Graves      October 10th, 2016

We are within a week of the EA deadline, so here are some updates about the process so far. Currently, we have roughly 10,200 EA applications submitted as of right now (3;12 pm on 10/10). We expect a jump in application numbers as we get closer to the deadline, and we heavily suggest not waiting […]

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Getting Ready to Apply

  David Graves      August 8th, 2016

The 2017 Freshman application will open up on September 1, so here are a few things to help prepare for this process. Always take care of things well before a deadline. A student who applies and submits all documents well before a deadline shows that they are the type of person who does not wait until […]

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Admissions and Grocery Stores

  David Graves      December 22nd, 2015

Imagine that you are in an admissions grocery store, and every cart is a student’s admissions file. The shelves are stocked with different items to fill each cart, from transcripts to teacher recommendations, counselor forms to resumes, etc. Every time a student applies a cart is created. The admissions office then needs to go to […]

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2016 Early Action Update

  David Graves      October 16th, 2015

With the Early Action deadline of yesterday, here are a few updates about the process: Total EA Applications (10% increase over last year):  14,514 Complete Early Action Applications as of today: 8,200 # of EA Applicants Applying within 4 days of Deadline: 4,973 As you can see, a large number of the Early Action applications […]

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Random Admission Thoughts, February 2015

  David Graves      February 11th, 2015

It is February, and we are deep into reading Freshman files, and just about to start reviewing transfer applications. As such, here are some thoughts about issues that usually pop up about now. Freshmen: At this time, our counselors are reading thousands upon thousands of freshman files in great detail, and it is a long […]

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Now What?

  David Graves      January 13th, 2015

The RD application/Deferred EA part II deadline is just about to pass, and everyone now starts to get into the mindset of “Now what?”. Here are a few hints to get you through the next few weeks/months. Patience. Patience is key, as any deadline brings out a rush of supporting materials. We will receive tens […]

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Applications and Inventory Supply

  David Graves      December 22nd, 2014

A number of my relatives work in the automotive industry, with the two closest to my age being engineers. My brother-in-law, Dave,  is an engineer with Toyota, and his job making sure the assembly process for SUV’s and mini-vans goes as planned. One key for automotive plants is managing inventory, allowing you to build the […]

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Early Action Update

  David Graves      October 23rd, 2014

With the Early Action deadline passing, here are a few updates about the process: Total EA Applications (10.5% increase over last year):  13,291 Complete Early Action Applications: 9,950 # of EA Applicants Applying within 3 days of Deadline: 3,523 As you can see, a large number (roughly 75%) of the Early Action applications are complete. […]

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2015 EA Deadline Fast Approaching

  David Graves      October 13th, 2014

The Early Action deadline is almost here, and the two weeks surrounding the deadline are similar to Atlanta during 5:00 p.m. rush hour traffic (on a Friday).  Our office typically receives 4,000+ applications, a drastic increase in mail, and a great deal of emails and phone calls in the few days both before and after […]

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