New System Down Time

  David Graves      March 13th, 2014

*Our system is now back up as of late yesterday, so we will be pushing in transfer applications (and the associated documents) and commitment deposits now. Please give us time to catch up on these items, and know that we are updating the myStatus page every day in the early am hours. Starting on 3/13, and going through the middle of the following week, UGA’s new student system will be down in order to shift current student data, such as academic history and financial aid information, from our old system to the new one. This is an extremely complex process that needs to be extremely accurate, thus resulting in the down time. This will not cause any problems for admissions, but it does mean that for the length of this down time, we will not be able to push in any new transfer applications, enter in any new commitment deposits, or update any new documents that come in on our myStatus page. This will not impact our review of freshman files, and we will still be moving forward on finishing up summer transfer/transient applicants and preparing for fall transfer file reviews. In addition, we will be posting this information on our myStatus page. As soon as the new system is back up, we will move forward with entering in fall transfer applications and supporting materials, and we will resume the entry of commitment deposits. Thank you for your patience with this downtime. Go Dawgs!

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2013 Early Action Update-Closing In

  David Graves      November 13th, 2013

If you have checked your myStatus page today, you will see the above image. What does this mean? Exactly what it says. At this time, the Status Check is closed so we can move forward with final preparations for decisions, and we will release them by November 27. Does that mean we will release them on November 27? No. It means we will release them (all at one time) between now and November 27. While we can not pinpoint the date yet, we can at least narrow down the window for you, so you can get a better idea of the timing. When I know an exact date, I will share it with you. Until then, we ask for your patience, and know that I cannot guess about a date, and will only give one out when we have the exact date. Thanks, and Go Dawgs!

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First Year Academic Merit Scholarships Awarded

  David Graves      April 23rd, 2013

 Over the last several weeks the Admissions staff has carefully reviewed all our newly admitted First Year students to consider them for University of Georgia academic merit scholarships.  (See the list and our discussion of merit and need-based aid at our website,  Virtually all scholarships available through Admissions have now been awarded, and we have contacted each of the recipients. At UGA, academic merit scholarships have become increasingly competitive.  This is mainly due to the limited funding we have for these awards and the high number of extremely capable students who now gain University of Georgia admission.  Nonetheless, we have somewhat increased the total number of these scholarships this year.  For example, this year we inaugurated the Classic Scholarships which are offered to academically superior out-of-state first year students.    At this point, if you have not received notice that you have an academic merit scholarship to attend UGA, it is highly unlikely you will receive an offer of one from us in Admissions.  We are still finalizing a literal handful of specialized scholarships attached to very specific guidelines set by the generous donors who provide their funding.  You can see if you have been awarded a UGA scholarship by checking your online application Status Check.   Also, some UGA academic departments may also be awarding some scholarships which will not be reflected in the Status Check. If you have been selected for any of our Academic Merit awards, congratulations!  Please be sure to read your offer letter carefully.  Keep it […]

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myStatus Page Down

  David Graves      March 14th, 2013

In preparation for First Year decisions, the myStatus page will be temporarily closed.  This will affect the status check for First Year and Transfer applicants.  We must do this to allow our office to begin the final stages of the decision process.  We will still be making transfer decisions during this time and letters will continue to be mailed  Please bear with us as we move forward with decisions. We do not have a date for the release of First Year decisions.  Once that is available, we will post an update.

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Transfer FAQ’s and Updates

  David Graves      March 1st, 2013

We have been getting a lot of questions about transfer admissions lately.  Here are a few updates as well as answers to some of our more frequently asked questions. When will I have a decision?  Unfortunately we cannot tell you when you will have a transfer decision as this depends on many factors.  We are currently still working through summer transfer applications and estimate that we are about halfway through.  It is likely that we will continue to work with summer applications through the middle of March.  Once we have finished reviewing summer applications we will begin reviewing fall.  Generally applications are reviewed in the order in which they are completed. Is my application complete?  You should be checking your myStatus to see if your application is complete.  We must have a transcript from every college/university you have previously attended.  This includes coursework completed for dual enrollment while in high school.  Remember, we must have your most up-to-date transcript(s).  If you were enrolled in coursework last fall and  we have not received a transcript since early last December, we probably do not have a transcript with your fall grades.  You are not complete until you submit an updated transcript.  Are transfer decisions made on a rolling basis?  Transfer decisions are available on your myStatus as they are made.  Decisions are not released in large waves as in the First Year process.  As soon as you have a decision, deny or accept, it will be posted to your status check. I […]

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February First Year Update

  David Graves      February 12th, 2013

Very soon we are going to stop accepting material for First Year applicants.  This means if you are missing something, you need to have it sent to us as soon as possible!  If you have had something sent more than two weeks ago (First Year applicants only) and it is not showing in your myStatus, have it resent. We recommend having material sent electronically because this is the fastest way it will get to us.  If your counselor/teacher believes an online form has been sent, encourage that person to log back in to the online form to be sure that it went through.  There are mandatory fields on our online forms that must be completed or the recommendation/evaluation will not be submitted.  We can also accept material from the high school as an attachment to an email sent to . If you see that we do not have ACT or SAT scores for you, including the writing section, first check with College Board/ACT.  If they are showing that scores were sent, check your name, date of birth and social.  Our system will not automatically match scores to your file if any of these fields do not match what you listed on your application.  If you discover a discrepancy, contact us immediately so that we can manually find and match your scores.  If you have taken the January SAT and designated UGA as a school to receive your scores automatically, don’t worry.  We will wait for the January SAT. Remember, we want you to […]

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Incomplete Email for First Year Applicants

  David Graves      January 31st, 2013

We will be sending out an email later today to First Year applicants with incomplete files.  If you receive this email, please log in to your myStatus to see what you are missing.  Remember, we are going to accept the January SAT and you do not need to contact us to let us know that those scores will be sent.  As long as you designated UGA as an automatic recipient, we will receive your scores in time. Once you see what you are missing from your application, check with the person who should have sent that material (high school, College Board, etc.) to make sure that it was sent and find out when it was sent.  Verify that the name on the document matches the name you listed on your application.  Keep in mind it takes 5 to 10 business days for us to match material with a file.  If you just submitted something, we may not have had time to match it with your file. We are sending this email because we want you to complete your file.  If you are incomplete, you do not need to contact us to explain why something is missing or to explain that you are having it sent.  Instead, find out what is missing by checking your myStatus and have that submitted as soon as possible. Go Dawgs!

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First Year Application Reminders

  David Graves      January 11th, 2013

The January 15 Regular Decision deadline is quickly approaching.  This is a busy time in our office as we are receiving thousands of documents, both online and in the mail.  Here are a few suggestions for you as the deadline nears: Do not wait until the deadline to do things.  If you wait until the very last minute to apply, you are putting yourself in a position with no room for error.  We will leave the application open through January 15.  The online payment option is only available until 9:30PM EST, however you will still be able to choose a mail payment option after 9:30.   It is better to apply prior to sending in supplemental material (with the exception of SAT/ACT scores).  An admissions file is not started for you until we receive your application.  It will take longer for us to match your material if you submit something before you apply.  When we receive material and there is no admissions application, that document is added to a holding file.  On the other hand, when you submit something after you have applied, it is added directly to your admissions file. Please be patient.  It can take up to 5 to 10 business days for something to be added to your file once we have received it.  Right before and after application deadlines, our incoming mail greatly increases which can slow things down a bit.  If something is not showing as received on your myStatus, first check with the person who […]

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High School Evaluations and Teacher Recommendations

  David Graves      December 7th, 2012

We often get questions from First Year applicants regarding the counselor evaluation and teacher recommendation.  These questions range from where to find these forms to how we are using this information in the file review process.  Both forms are important in the review of a student’s file.  Here are some tips on why they are important as well as how to have these forms sent to us. The high school evaluation not only tells us about you, it tells us about your school as well.  The first page of the evaluation tells us about your school’s grading scale, the most difficult courses available at your school, how many honors/AP/IB courses are available, etc.  This information lets us know about your school’s curriculum.  This is important because we are reviewing your curriculum based on what you have available to you.  The second page is where your high school counselor tells us about your curriculum.  He or she will rate your curriculum difficulty for each of the five academic areas.  If you have any questions about the classes you are taking or planning to take, it’s always best to start with your high school counselor. We have an electronic and paper version of our high school evaluation.  The online form is better in that it can be automatically dropped into your file once we receive it.  In fact, it will generally show up as received in an applicant’s myStatus within 2 to 3 business days after it has been submitted.  If you submit […]

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November Updates

  David Graves      November 29th, 2012

We are now loading documents into our system following the release of Early Action decisions.  Because electronic documents are received and processed much more quickly than paper, we are up-to-date with documents sent through GACollege411 and Docufide.  If you have sent something online through either of these (and it was more than 2 business days ago), it should be showing as received in your myStatus. Documents that were submitted through the mail will take a little longer to match up as we were unable to add items to files for a little over two weeks in preparation for Early Action decisions.  If you have submitted a paper document to us within the last two weeks and it is not showing as received, please be patient with us as we work as quickly as possible to match this material. The deadline for Regular Decision is January 15.  All Regular Decision applicants and deferred Early Action applicants will have until January 15 to submit required material.  We are able to accept January test scores as long as you designate UGA as a school to automatically receive your scores.  If you are planning on applying Regular Decision, we do not suggest waiting until the deadline to apply.  Please remember to continue monitoring your myStatus as you submit material! Go Dawgs!

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