If you have already submitted an application and wish to make a change to something you have submitted, please read the following to determine the correct course of action. 

Contact us for changes to: 

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number (don’t email us this number, though)
  • Term – changes between Fall and Summer only and only after offer of admission – students need to re-apply for future terms (see below) – a student’s selected entry term does not impact an admission decision
  • Decision Plan  (e.g., Early Action to Regular Decision)
  • School Official/High School Counselor (Teacher or Community member recommendations do not fall into this category)
  • Schools – Contact us if you are a first year student who needs to change the high school you are graduating from or are a transfer student who needs to include additional schools

If your change falls into one of these categories, please contact us at adm-tech@uga.edu from the email address you used on your application.  In your correspondence, please include the Reference Number that is displayed in the upper-right corner of your application status page and clearly state the issue and how you would like to correct it.  Never email us your Social Security Number, password, or credit card information.

Update the following yourself via your application status portal:

  • Teacher or Community Recommenders – These can be updated via your status portal by clicking on the “Teacher Recommendation” link and excluding a recommender, then re-adding that recommender with the necessary changes
  • Minor edits – Minor edits to the application can be submitted by uploading a “Resume” in the Upload Materials section.  Minor edits include (but are not limited to) typos, additions, or corrections to things such as essays, self-reported grades/scores, activities, awards, etc.
  • Email, mailing/permanent address, password updates (links at the bottom of your application status page)

Transfer Students: Please send any transcripts for coursework you have completed since your application was submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Previous Applicants: If you have previously applied for admission to UGA, did not enroll and would like us to update your application to a future term, you must not use this form. Instead, you must submit a completed application with the supporting documentation and appropriate fees.

Click here to visit your application status page