Next Steps for Students

  David Graves      March 24th, 2021

While this year in admissions and higher education has been unusual, we are slowly transitioning to some on campus admissions actions. This is a transition time as more vaccinations are occurring, and the CDC guidelines are being updated for different events and activities. As such, here are some updates, but they are prone to change. Admitted Student Events: As you can guess, large group admitted student events in the Spring will be virtual. We are still following the policies of the state and the University and will not have any large events until we are sure that the situation is safe to do so. We are setting up these events, and we will be communicating with admitted students and their families about these shortly.  We know that for many accepted students, you are still making up your mind on where you want to attend college next fall, and we will try to help in this journey as best as possible. Visiting Campus: We have started opening up small group tours for admitted students and one guest, and these students should have received an email about the process of signing up for these tours. These will be walking tours only, and there will be safety precautions for the tours. I also expect that as we get closer to summer (after early May), the tour policies and options for HS juniors and below will be updated, so please monitor the Visitor Center website and the admissions website for updates. Use alternate methods […]

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Etiquette for Visiting Colleges

  David Graves      July 18th, 2018

Like many parents in our community, my wife and I had our two children go to an after-school etiquette program during the fifth grade. We got past the actually moaning and groaning and had them ready to learn more about how to interact with others. I can still remember sending my now college senior son to his first day with a pre-tied necktie in his bookbag, only to have him come home with the tie pulled up tight against his neck above his actual shirt collar. Seriously, it was the strangest sight ever. I should have known then that he was destined for a more casual, less proper life – just like me. While my kids only went through one year of this program, both of them did learn a few manners, my son understood how to actually tie a necktie, and hopefully some of the etiquette did sink in. In the same way that there are certain etiquette rules for social events, interacting with others and dining at restaurants, there are also certain steps you can take when visiting colleges. While many students might have already starting visiting colleges by now, a large number of you will be attending admission events during your senior year. This could involve campus tours, visitation days, open houses and the like. Here are a few suggestions on how to make sure the visits go well for everyone involved. Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with table manners, how to bow, or how […]

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The Birth of UGA

  David Graves      September 16th, 2011

A little over 14 years ago, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our first child. That initial year was tough, as for all parents, with the lack of sleep, late night feedings, tons (and believe me, it felt like tons) of dirty diapers, trips to the doctor, and a great deal of new parent confusion. Most parents look back and are amazed that both they and their children survived those early years intact and sane. This morning, UGA celebrated the founder and first president of UGA, Abraham Baldwin, with the dedication of a statue on North Campus, and it made me think about the challenges that he must have faced in those initial years when he chartered and “gave birth” to the University of Georgia. I am guessing that he had more late nights than I did, and while he did not have to deal with diapers, I am sure he had a great deal of more challenging and messy issues than I did. So today, we celebrate the founder of UGA, Abraham Baldwin, member of the Continental Congress, Signer of the US Constitution, US Representative, US Senator, Professor and UGA President, and Statesman! Go Dawgs!

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Big Dawg Welcome 2011

  David Graves      July 26th, 2011

Every year, the University of Georgia has a huge series of events during the first week back on campus. This year, there will be a huge freshman gathering at Sanford Stadium, an outdoor movie at Legion Field, live performances at the Tate theater, and a special Dawgs after Dark on Friday, August 19. I hope that the first week at UGA goes well for all incoming freshmen and transfer students, and I wish you the best for your first semester (and year!). Go to the UGA Campus Life site for more information! Go Dawgs!

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UGA Admissions Amazing Race

  David Graves      August 27th, 2010

Yesterday, the majority of the Admissions staff participated in a 4 hour campus adventure we called “The UGA Admissions Amazing Race”, modeled after the TV show The Amazing Race. Four of us (me included) mapped out eight locations around the campus that were important to Admissions, either because of the offices located there (Visitors Center, Brumby Residence Hall, GA Center/Hotel, Tate Center and parking deck), or because of a unique item within the building (Peabody Awards in Journalism, Dinosaur Sloth bones in Boyd Hall, “Green” roof at the new Lamar Dodd Art building, Alumni House bulldog). There were seven teams, and they were given progressive clues to the various places on campus, and many times were asked to perform a task. Whether calling the dawgs at the VC or posing with the sloth bones, the teams raced across campus and learn more about UGA and each other. Along the way, we also wanted to teach our Admissions team about how we communicate, and if the information we give out seems like mysterious clues that sometimes leave prospective students confused or lost (like one Amazing Race team that took photos of 4 roofs before finding the environmentally “green” roof at Dodd). There were a number of puzzled faces, a few “But you didn’t tell me I couldn’t do that” phrases, and some tired admissions people by the end of the day, but overall it was a great success! So hopefully when you consider applying to UGA, our office will give you […]

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Visiting Colleges

  David Graves      April 26th, 2010

At this time of year, our office starts to move its focus from the incoming freshman class to the rising junior and senior classes in high school. We will still be doing a great deal of programs for incoming freshmen, but April/May is the beginning of the transition time for our office. As such, I had lunch with a good friend of mine, Eric Johnson, who is the Director of the UGA Visitors Center. Here are his suggestions for high school underclassmen on the most important things to do when you visit a college: Remixing the college road trip:  Make your college quest an excellent adventure. “It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it’s the journey that matters in the end.” Ursula Leguin So, you’re planning to begin visiting college campuses on your quest to find your dream school. Certainly, you should visit before you make a decision and commit to attending a school. I assume that, but I know many students who have never set foot on a campus until they move in. That’s not a good idea. You wouldn’t buy a car without at least a brief test drive. So, look at your tour of colleges as your way of “kicking the tires” of schools so that you can make an educated decision about the school you choose. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your college road trip: Visit multiple and varying schools.  Don’t be content to visit just […]

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Admissions iPhone App

  David Graves      March 11th, 2010

The University of Georgia Office of Undergraduate Admissions is proud to announce the release of version 1.0 of our iPhone App. This application can be downloaded for free from iTunes, and will run on any iPhone or iPod Touch. The App was developed by the UGA Admissions office’s own technology team (way to go Bryan!), and allows users to access the Status Check, the UGA Transfer Equivalency database, Admissions News, UGA News, Campus Maps, UGA Sports News, and UGA People Search. To download the University Admissions iPhone App, just search for “UGA Admissions” in the iTunes App Store, or in the App Store utility on your Apple mobile device. We also hope to add a GPS based campus tour sometime within the next year.

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Time for Camp

  David Graves      June 19th, 2009

I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that this blog will be idle for the next week, as I am headed to summer camp. For the last 15 years, I have been volunteering at Camp Sunshine, which is a camp for children with cancer. I will be heading out on Saturday for a week of sports, fishing, rock wall climbing, pottery, and an amazing amount of other activities with a group of 11 year old boys in Cabin 13! It is a wonderful (but exhausting) week, and I will most likely come back with some words of wisdom that emanated from a camper’s brain. On a side note, I just reviewed the two web pages I had created on suggestions for writing essays and hints on admissions. A co-worker of mine had reviewed the pages, and noticed 3-4 grammatical errors. It is pretty bad when your words of advice on how to write contain grammar errors! Luckily, I did follow my own advice and had someone review my work for mistakes. This just goes to show you that even the people that review applications are human.

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Tate 2, the Sequel

  David Graves      June 1st, 2009

I needed to get out of the office today, and walked down to the center of campus to clear my mind. I went inside the Tate Student Center for a snack, and noticed that the walkway to the new wing of the Tate Center, known at this time as Tate 2, was open. Yes, as big as this construction project is, I still missed the actual grand opening! If you are visiting campus in the near future, this is one place you have to visit. It is in the center of campus, right next to the Miller Learning Center, and it looks amazing. For a better view, take a look at the Tate 2 website. And while I do not recommend any restaurant over another in Athens, a good friend of the family, Davis Fleming, would eat every meal at Barberito’s if he could, and now he has one when he visits campus.

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