David Graves      October 11th, 2010 in Blog

We are coming up on the Early Action deadline, so here are a few suggestions as we approach this timeline:

  • Even though the deadline is October 15, I do not suggest waiting until the last minute to submit your application. We do not hold it against you if you submit the application at 11:59 pm on 10/15, but if you do this, you will most likely be praying that everything goes smoothly, and that you do not have a computer issue, spill your Mt. Dew on the keyboard, or accidentally fall asleep while thinking about what to write. In other words, while the deadline is the deadline, always shoot for an earlier time.
  • After you submit an application, be patient. If you take nothing else away from this blog, take away the idea that you need to be a little patient with admission offices. I expect we will have approximately 10,000 Early Action applicants, and a majority of the materials will be sent in over the next two weeks. We will be matching up materials fast and furiously, but please give things time to get here before contacting us. Items will not be matched quicker if you call or email. If an item is mailed, allow time for the postal service to deliver it. If a test score is sent, allow time for it to be both uploaded by the testing agency and downloaded by UGA. If is not an “in your file” deadline, but a “postmarked/submitted” deadline.
  • If you or your school faxes something in, I will shred it. As I have said before, we place the shredder next to the fax machine for a reason, as we cannot accept official documents by fax. Tell your counselor, tell your friends, tell your fourth cousin twice removed, UGA does NOT accept official documents by fax.
  • Please remember that while the application is available 24/7, the credit card payment option is only available from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm EST. You can still select the check/fee waiver option after 9:30 pm and submit this document though. And just so you know, debit and check cards cannot be used to pay the application fee.
  • Take time to review your application before you submit it. Again, take time to review it, make sure you have followed the word/character count areas, and that you are comfortable with the finished product.
  •  Test scores must be sent to UGA by the testing agency. If you send it by mail or if it is on a transcript, it will not be used. It has to come to UGA from the testing agency! And remember, if you want to use an ACT score, we must have an ACT Writing score as well.

Good luck, and Go Dawgs!

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