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Due to the challenges that every college is facing because of the delay in FAFSA data being sent to colleges (including UGA), the 2024 Wait List process will be different from prior years. First, the deposit deadline for International and Out-of-State students will be May 1, but for In-State students, who are more impacted by the need-based financial aid delay, we have extended the deposit deadline to May 15. Since we need to know details about our deposit numbers prior to us going to the Wait List, this means that we will be splitting the Wait List offers into two groups (Out-of-State/International vs In-State), and we are looking at making any initial WL decisions shortly after the two deposit deadlines.

In planning for this process, we are adding an additional communication going to students who have let us know they want to remain on the WL. In late April, we will send out an email to these students so they can re-confirm their desire to stay on the WL. We know that things might have changed for students since their initial response to the WL offer in mid-March, and this step allows us to then work with students who are still interested in enrolling at UGA if they are offered a space off the WL.

As a reminder, here are some key things to remember about the WL:

  • UGA does not use letters/emails concerning demonstrated interest in our review. Both the initial indication of wanting to be on the WL and a response to the additional WL communication serve as an indicator of a student’s interest.
  • WL offers generally go out in batches, and after any offers, we then give students roughly one week to respond to the offer before looking at any additional steps.
  • There is no ordered list of WL students, as any offers will vary depending on the deposits we receive by the May 1/May 15 deadlines. We will use the information in a student’s application and in our earlier admission reviews to then make any WL offers.
  • The WL is not a quick process, as we have to continuously monitor our deposits, cancellations after deposits, the impacts of the financial aid process while still managing the size of the freshman class to enroll roughly 6,150 students.

Go Dawgs!

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