College Credit

UGA has many ways in which a student may earn college credit or exemption from classes before actually entering UGA. In a typical year, the average new freshman will arrive at UGA with 4 or more college course credits from various sources. By planning their high school curriculum carefully, doing well on the standardized exams at the end of the course and submitting those scores to UGA via the Registrar’s Office, students are able to enroll with several college courses completed. This allows UGA students to complete double majors, take time to study abroad, or complete an internship or even to change their major while enrolled, all while being able to complete their degree(s) in four years.

Dual Enrollment

About 20% of the freshman class will have joint enrolled in college while still in high school. In order for a student to receive credit for college courses taken at an accredited college, the student must make sure that the college Registrar at the Dual Enrolled institution sends the UGA Admissions Office an official transcript of all courses taken.

To see which college classes are given UGA class credit, check the UGA Transfer Equivalency.

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) and SATII

UGA offers liberal credit and placement based on test scores. Over 125,000 hours of college credit were earned by new first-year students at UGA from test scores on the College Board Advanced Placement exams. Over 3,500 hours of credit were earned by students in History and almost 5,000 entering students received credit for English 1101 from their AP scores. Over 95% of the new first-year students completed either AP or IB classes. These students earned on average the equivalent of 7 college courses based on their testing.

To see what scores earn credit for College Board Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate, check the charts for currently approved scores by the departments at UGA.

There are a limited number of placements and exemptions offered for students submitting high level scores on College Board SAT II exams, formerly called ‘Subject Tests.’ Most of these are used in foreign languages when the student began studying a language in high school.

Departmental Exams

Several departments at UGA offer exams at New Student Orientation to use in placement and for credit. In some cases, students are not required to take the Departmental exam due to AP/IB or SATII scores already submitted.

CLEP Exams

UGA does not award placement or credit for scores on College Board CLEP examinations.