Admissions Advice for Parents

  David Graves      November 27th, 2023

Parents – I have been where you are. I have survived the late night feedings, the endless soccer/swimming/dance/whatever else events, the lengthy “discussions” about cleaning their rooms, and teaching them how to drive a car. Don’t even get me started on driving lessons. And I have also survived the college search process for both of […]

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New Information for 2024 First Year Applicants

  David Graves      May 26th, 2023

For the Fall 2024 First-Year applicant group, there are three updates the UGA Admissions Office wants to make known when students are preparing to apply to UGA. We will be exclusively using the Common App for our First-Year applicants. We will still use our in-house application for non First-Year applicants such as transfer students, but […]

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UGA 2023 Freshman Applicant Pool

  David Graves      February 6th, 2023

The applications are all in for the UGA Regular Decision group of students, so here is some information on the total UGA freshman applicant pool for Fall 2023. The total application numbers (EA and RD) are roughly 43,600, which is up substantially from last year. Roughly 26,000 students applied for Early Action, and 17,600 applied […]

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Hogwarts Admissions Committee – page 3

  David Graves      December 24th, 2021

For 20+ years, I have tried to envision how Hogwarts made their admissions decisions (this is the type of odd thing admissions people think about). While I am sure others have written about this, I have not seen it, so here is my take on a small slice of the Admissions Committee at Hogwarts.   […]

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The Zanzibar Effect

  David Graves      August 6th, 2021

There is a myth about a sea captain and a jeweler living on the island of Zanzibar, and it goes something like this: A long time ago, a retired sea captain lived on a remote area on the island of Zanzibar. Each day he had a ceremonial flag raising and lowering at sunrise and sunset, […]

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Fall 2022 and Test Scores

  David Graves      May 17th, 2021

  The Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia (USG) announced this week that the twenty-six USG colleges and universities for the state of Georgia will be requiring submission of an SAT or ACT score for admission for First Year students applying for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2022 terms and subsequent semesters. As such, the […]

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2021 Wait List Update

  David Graves      May 3rd, 2021

In reviewing the deposits we received as of May 1, we are extremely close to the number of students we plan to enroll for Fall 2021 (projected new freshmen number is 5,800), but since we always project about 2-4% of our deposits to ultimately not enroll (due to personal situations, WL offers elsewhere, etc.), we […]

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January 2021 Admission Thoughts

  David Graves      January 21st, 2021

January in Admissions means two things: Exhausted admission counselors reading files, and nervous applicants waiting for a decision. I can’t do much about the first one (especially with almost 40,000 applications), but I can try to help with the second one. As such, here are suggestions on what to do and not do from now […]

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Uncomfortably Comfortable Owning the Admissions Process

  David Graves      September 29th, 2020

I remember when my wife and I bought our first house, a small 3-bedroom home in a little starter neighborhood less than a mile from downtown Duluth, GA. We were able to determine the color of the house/rooms, the look of the landscaping, the shape and color of the front door awning, and the overall […]

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UGA Admissions Director’s Cup

  David Graves      September 23rd, 2020

For the last four years or so, UGA Admissions has given out an award every year to the Georgia High School whose previous year’s class has the highest GPA for their freshman year at UGA. We have a requirement that the school must have a critical mass of students in the freshman group, so the […]

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