David Graves      August 9th, 2010 in Blog

Sometime tomorrow, the Spring applications will be back up and running. In addition, I expect that on Monday, 8/16, the freshman application will be open and available to the public. While I have already mentioned a few changes to the freshman application (self-reported grades where you will need a copy of your transcript, the activities section moving to part I, etc), one small update will happen for everyone. The Admissions Office is teaming up with the technology group on campus to add a small step in the application called “Contact ID”.

A student’s Contact ID will allow for more security in the admissions process, and is designed to allow a user to create their own password and security questions when applying and using the status check. While it is an additional first step in the application process, it will populate some information in a student’s application (name, address, etc.), and it will help in the overall process for admissions. An applicant will begin the creation of a Contact ID, and finish it after receipt of an email and completion of the rest of their contact information. You will then be able to complete an application and access the status check using the Contact ID login you created.

For students who have already submitted a Spring application, we will be working with you to give you access to the status check through the Contact ID program. Please be patient with us as we do this, as we have to take it step by step.

The Contact ID system will make for an easier, more accurate and more secure application process, which we think is a pretty good goal!

Go Dawgs!

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