David Graves      December 5th, 2010 in Blog

I wrote this a short while ago as a comment to my latest post, but I thought I would also make it a new post, so here you go:

 I think I have responded to all your questions as of right now, but I will continue to do so as we move forward. Remember to read the FAQ’s, read the blog, and do not compare yourself against another applicant unless you know everything about them (and I mean everything!). In addition, please remember that if you contact our office, conduct yourself in a manner that shows why you (or your child) should be considered as a strong candidate for admission.

In the past, I have handled calls from people who screamed, cursed, threatened, and lied. As you can guess, these are not the best steps to take. I am sure you will conduct yourself  in the appropriate fashion if you do contact us, but I thought I would alert you to these issues. As well, review the Urban Legends/Myths web page, as I would not want you to bring up an issue that is not true only to have us tell you the real situation.

Remember not to pay attention to rumors, as rumors are not reality. I have tried to give you insight into the UGA admissions process, and this is coming from 20 years of admissions and a great deal of experience in this process. Rumors are generally the product of an individual who is unhappy with a decision an lacks the correct data, but who is trying to guess about the reason for a non-admission decision. These rumors are generally the product of a lack of knowledge.

Lastly, know that a deferral decision is not the final decision (unless you do not complete part II), as we still have a long way to go before all decisions are made. EA decisions look at the academic side of a student as compared to the entire EA applicant pool, while the holistic read process looks at everything about a student in comparison with the overall pool. So keep hope (even though I know that deferral is not what you desired), stay strong, and finish up the Fall term well!

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