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It is almost May 1, which in the college admission world means it is time for admitted students to indicate what college they will be attending. I have always loved the “Commitment” image to the left, as it is an indication that colleges take commitment deposits seriously, and so should you. As such, here are a few do’s and don’ts about the subject.

Do send in a Commitment Deposit by May 1 if it is required by the college.

Don’t send in multiple Commitment Deposits (it is called double depositing), as this is considered a serious issue, and could lead to both colleges deciding to cancel your application (it is like asking two people to marry you).

Do let the other colleges on your list know that you will not be attending their institution. UGA has a form on the myStatus page, so check with the colleges to which you have applied and how they suggest submitting this information. This helps colleges know earlier about wait-lists, enrollment numbers, etc.

Don’t be late with your Commitment Deposit. Most colleges will be a little flexible, but you do not want to be told that you cannot enroll because you were a week or more late with the deposit.

Do finish up the year strong academically.

Don’t slack off and have your grades spiral down, as this could lead problems when a college sees your final transcript.

Do have a good summer!

Don’t have such a good summer that you get into trouble. A co-worker of mine (thanks Charlie!) remembers his mother saying “The only people out from 2-5 a.m. are the cops and the bad guys. If you are not one, you are the other.”

Go Dawgs!

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