David Graves      May 7th, 2015 in Blog

Today we  offered admission to about 90 or so students from
the Wait List.  We admitted a small number of students for Fall
admission, but the majority of students admitted off the Wait List were offered admission for the Spring
2016 term. We will email this news to the students and give information
about their two-week Commitment Deposit deadline, campus
housing, Orientation and other pre-enrollment steps. In addition, the
myStatus page will be updated after about 5:30 p.m. EST today to show these decisions, and a decision letter
will be mailed soon. Over the next few days, we plan to email the
of the wait-listed students to inform them that we cannot offer them
admission off the Wait List, and we will then update their Status Check
one final time. If your myStatus decision has not changed, it means that no offer of admission was able to be made due to projected enrollment numbers being met.

In reviewing the students who we
admitted off the Wait List, there were a variety of individual reasons
for the offers that were made. As such, I cannot give an overarching
reason for the decisions. We did take into account our earlier reviews
of the files, along with a wide range of information that we had on

For those many strong students we were not able to admit from the Wait List, we thank you
for choosing us as one of the options for your higher education.  We
wish you the very best of college success.  We understand that this is
not the news you were hoping for, and we very much appreciate your
patience “waiting on the Wait List.”  Please remember that
there are a number of complex reasons why the University made the final
decisions it did, and we respectfully remind all that this blog cannot
be used for comments about why you or other individuals did or did not
get admitted in the Wait list process.

hope that our quick turn around of the Wait List situation has allowed
you and your family to make plans on a much earlier time frame that
initially projected.

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