David Graves      April 29th, 2015 in Blog

For the next few weeks, the group that will be the most anxious about our process will be the students who are on the Wait List. Right now, we cannot give out any specific information, as we will not know about deposits until over a week past the May 1 deposit deadline, as we must wait for any deposits that are sent by mail and postmarked by the May 1 timeline. As I have said before, the Wait List process is not a fast process, but instead takes a while for us to both see what our yield rate is on accepted freshmen (the number of admitted freshmen who send in a deposit). We then need to also take into account how the percentage of deposited freshmen who change their mind post May 1, either due to being taken off another college’s Wait List, a change of plans, a gap year opportunity, etc. Only after this analysis occurs can we then look at what we will do concerning the Fall and Spring Wait List options. As such, I cannot list a specific date for Wait List decisions.

As I have said before (and as the Wait List FAQ states), there is no one specific thing that we are looking for when making a decision about who we might offer acceptance off the Wait List, but instead we would look at a variety of factors, both academic and non-academic. I can say that, based on responses, we project that roughly 570-600 students have requested to stay on the Wait List (online response deadline is 5/1), but that is the only number I can share at this time.

Right now, there is no need to call, email, post to the blog or tweet about the Wait List, as we just need time to see what everything is looking like with deposits and then see where we can go from there. I know that patience is not easy, but right now, it is key. Make sure you have a Plan B college option in place, and then be patient and hope for the best.

When we do make any decisions about the Wait List, we will make our decisions on one day and I will alert everyone by both the blog and twitter about the decisions. We will then send out any offers by mail and the myStatus page, and we will then communicate by mail or electronic communication with those who we could not offer admission soon afterward.

Thanks for your patience, and Go Dawgs!

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