David Graves      September 12th, 2023 in Blog

In admissions, our role is not just to admit students, but also to analyze enrollment numbers, review UGA student success using academic data for admission decisions, and to work with our campus partners to help develop a strong UGA community. A part of this process includes reviewing transfer applicants and enrolled transfer students, then determining if any changes in the admissions process need to be altered for future years. In this review, we look at enrollment numbers, academic preparation and student success at UGA, and the ability to both enroll in and succeed in a variety of majors.

In the most recent review of transfer admission, a group made up of both faculty and admissions personnel analyzed the data concerning transfer students with 60 or more hours and a transfer GPA of 2.80 to 3.00. After a detailed review of this applicant group, a proposal was passed by admissions, the faculty and the administration to increase the consideration level for students with 60 or more completed transfer hours to a 3.00 or higher transfer GPA starting in the Spring 2025 term. The decision to start in Spring of 2025 was to allow for lead time for students to learn about this change, and to ensure they are academically on the right track to be considered for transfer admission. The current consideration level for students with 30-59 completed transfer hours will remain at a 3.30 or higher transfer GPA. We will add this change to our transfer websites, our transfer presentations, and to the transfer application. This change will not impact very many transfer applicants, and we hope that it will have a positive impact on the academic success of our transfer students at UGA.

Go Dawgs!

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