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At this time of year, the review of the 2016 Spring transfer applications is our main focus, and we
continue to diligently work on these files. At this time, we have made
roughly 600 decisions of the 1,200 applications we
received this year. Based on statistical data, we
are averaging about 30-40 decisions being made per day when we are able to focus full-time on Spring files. The one exception to this timing is during the dates between August 3rd and August 14th, when our evaluation team works full force to review summer work for both incoming and current students. This step must be done ASAP to allow for prerequisite checks for fall courses for these students. As
such, I expect that we will be able to focus on Spring applications full time on roughly August 17, and so we hope for the most part to be finished with reviews by about early to mid September, (with exceptions as we get into some of
the more challenging files to review).


remember we cannot tell you when you will have a decision as this
depends on many factors. Applications are generally processed in the
order in which the file was completed, but this is not always the case,
as some files are more challenging, are from colleges where we are
having to build a catalog in the new system, or are just complex. We
also have two new staff members who can handle the more basic transfer
files, so they might review some later files that can be done easily but
might be out of “completion order”. As
well, I am not able to look at each individual file to see why someone
did nor did not receive a decision based on X date.

If you are transferring
from an out-of-state college or a
college we have not had many students apply from, your application may
take a bit longer to review and thus the timeline would not be correct
for your situation. Transfer decisions are updated daily on the
status check, and the myStatus page is updated at about 5 am every

If you have been admitted and want to see how
your courses transferred, you can use the transfer equivalency site off
the admissions website. If you have submitted a deposit (fall transfer
and beyond requirement), you can log on to DegreeWorks to see how your courses apply towards the degree/major you have selected.  As well, go to the Next Steps brochure to learn about what you will need to do next to enroll at UGA (this is also sent in the acceptance packet).

I hope this helps, and Go Dawgs.

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