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The Foundation Fellowship Scholarship is the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships at The University of Georgia, if not in the country.

The Foundation Fellowship currently provides an annual stipend of $10,780 for in-state students (in addition to the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship) and $17,680 for out-of-state students (plus an out-of-state tuition waiver).  Much more than financial support, Program membership provides: spring break travel-study programs, a May study abroad program at Oxford in English immediately following the first year, travel-study grants closely related to students’ academic and professional goals, which can be combined with study overseas for a full semester or academic year, grants to attend research and academic conferences, seminars and book discussions with UGA and visiting professors, and faculty and peer mentoring.

To be considered, all applicants must be current high school seniors with clearly superior academic credentials.  Minimum requirements include a high school GPA of 3.80 and a minimum combined, super-scored SAT Total score of 2100 or ACT Composite score of 31.

The deadline for the application to the Foundation Fellowship and Bernard Ramsey Scholarships Program is November 4.  The application process requires that you first apply for UGA admission.  The full process is described in detail here.  The Fellowship Program is more completely described on the website of the UGA Honors Program, of which it is a part, here.

Feel free to email questions to fframsey@uga.edu .

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