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The Summer/Fall transfer application will open on Thursday, January 28. While the application will open tomorrow, please take your time
completing it. Make sure you are applying for the correct program, the
correct campus, the correct term, etc. Here are a few suggestions and updates for transfer applicants.

  • While the application opens up tomorrow, we project we will not begin reviewing Summer transfers until mid-February, and we will not start with Fall transfers until early March.
  • Review our transfer procedures and requirements, as well as our academic consideration levels.
  • Select the term you wish to attend, not one you have heard is easier
    to get in (this is a myth). If you select summer, for instance, we
    expect you to attend for summer, and if you do not, you cannot then
    attend in the fall.
  • Please send in all the required transcripts after you apply, not
    before. As well, we need all transcripts from colleges ever attended,
    even if you attended a college during HS.
  • If a transcript has a different name than the one you applied with,
    please make sure to let us know so we can match up documents,
  • If you started a freshman application earlier to set up an account,
    you will need to select the Settings option on your admissions dashboard
    to change your application type.
  • It is much better to get everything correct before applying rather
    than try to fix things after you submit an application, so triple check
  • Once you apply, be patient. Review the timelines page on this blog,
    give us time to match up things, and relax. For document matching
    purposes, we suggest you give us 10 business days from when you apply or
    submit transcripts, whichever one comes last.
  • Make sure to monitor your myStatus after sending in transcripts, but give us time to complete your file.
Go Dawgs, and be patient!

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