2023 Transfer Admission Update

  David Graves      February 23rd, 2023

While the focus this time of year seems to be all about freshman admission, February is the time of year when we receive a majority of our transfer applications and our Evaluation Team begins to work on our transfer reviews, posting credit for work and helping students with any transfer issues. As such, here is […]

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UGA 2023 Freshman Applicant Pool

  David Graves      February 6th, 2023

The applications are all in for the UGA Regular Decision group of students, so here is some information on the total UGA freshman applicant pool for Fall 2023. The total application numbers (EA and RD) are roughly 43,600, which is up substantially from last year. Roughly 26,000 students applied for Early Action, and 17,600 applied […]

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Defer Decision – Myths and Reality

  David Graves      January 13th, 2023

Defer: For many applicants, this tiny little five letter word should be added to the long list of swear words. It is never fun to be told to wait and see, from having to go standby for an airline flight to being on the wait list for a class, or even waiting to see if […]

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2023 UGA EA Decisions

  David Graves      November 18th, 2022

Early Action decisions will be released later this afternoon, so here are some details about the EA applicant and admitted groups. I will also add a comment to the top of this post when decisions go live (4 pm EST), and I will announce it on Twitter as well. When you log into your status […]

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2023 UGA Overall Admissions & Early Action

  David Graves      November 1st, 2022

UGA Overall Admissions The UGA applicant pool has grown at a substantial rate recently. If you look at the number of applicants over the past 10 years, you will see tremendous growth in our applicant pool both in size and in academic strength. We have gone from 11,000 EA applicants for 2013 to 26,000 EA […]

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