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Now that most of the incoming freshmen and transfers are done with their Spring terms (or at least about to be done), it is time for a few reminders about a few last items before you enroll.

  1. All incoming freshmen need to send UGA a final HS transcript showing graduation and completion of your senior courses. We need to verify that you graduated, and that did not have any late issues with classes. You can see if we have received a transcript on the myStatus page, where it shows the high school transcript. Our system only captures the month and year for HS transcripts, so any transcript received in June will show up as 6/1/2011.
  2. All entering transfer students (and freshmen with dual enrollment work) need to send us a final college transcript with updated grades. Our office will use this to post courses to your file, and to check on the updated grades. The transcript will show up on the myStatus page by date, so you can see when it has been received.
  3. Please remember that we hate (and since I almost never use this word, I am serious), hate faxes, and they will be shredded, so do not send official documents to the Admissions Office by fax. You will just have to send it again officially, so I do not want to waste your time.
  4. All incoming Fall students (freshmen, transfer and formers) should check their myStatus page (unless you have done this already) to make sure that the new state requirement, the Verification of Legal Presence, has been taken care of by any of the methods described on the myStatus page. If this is not taken care of by orientation, you will not be able to sign up for courses. This is a new requirement that has been assigned to our office by the Board of Regents, and a huge majority of students have taken care of this already. We still have about 800 or so who have not, though, so make sure to go to your myStatus page and get it done. And please know if you submit one of the items through the upload system on the myStatus page, it will show when it was uploaded, and then our office needs time to review it before it can be cleared. In other words, be patient please.
  5. Have a great summer!!!

Go Dawgs!

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