David Graves      October 12th, 2009 in Blog

In three days, the EA deadline will be upon us. For our office, this means that between now and the 15th, we will receive between 2,000-3,000 applications, bins upon bins of mail, and lots of phone calls saying “Where  is my …(you fill in the blank). The best thing that any applicant can do right now is be patient. This week is kind of like rush hour in Atlanta traffic, where you just have to be patient and wait out the gridlock. No amount of horn blowing (or calling us) will get the materials to our office and into our system any quicker.

The best solution, as I have said before, is to have your school submit materials online through our website, and if your school is in GA, submit the transcripts through GACollege411. We will opening mail, scanning documents, and matching up materials as fast as we can! So, relax, be patient with us, and know that if you have submitted everything on time, we will post it in our system and on the status check shortly!

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