Early Action Update

  David Graves      October 24th, 2013

With the Early Action deadline passing, here are a few updates about the process: Total Early Action Applications:  12,071 Complete Early Action Applications: 7,697 # of EA Applicants Applying near Deadline: 2,593 As you can see, a large number of the Early Action applications are complete.  Additionally, over 20% of the total applicant pool for EA applied right around the deadline.  This means our office still digging out from under the thousands of documents, test scores, etc. we have received. We appreciate your patience as we work as quickly as possible to match documents with files. It takes our office about 5 to 10 business days to match a document with an applicant’s file, and with the materials deadline of 10/22, we are still receiving items.  If your documents were submitted by this deadline, it will be considered for Early Action.  We are accepting the October 5 SAT for Early Action as long as you designated UGA as a school to automatically receive your scores, and we have imported most of these today, so they should show up on the myStatus page soon. Your Steps Be sure to check your myStatus to make sure you are complete!  If material you have sent is not showing up on your myStatus, double-check with your counselor, College Board, etc. to make sure that it was sent.  If it was sent and it has been more than 10 business days (business days do not include weekends or holidays), please contact us. Now that you […]

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High School Evaluations and Teacher Recommendations

  David Graves      December 7th, 2012

We often get questions from First Year applicants regarding the counselor evaluation and teacher recommendation.  These questions range from where to find these forms to how we are using this information in the file review process.  Both forms are important in the review of a student’s file.  Here are some tips on why they are important as well as how to have these forms sent to us. The high school evaluation not only tells us about you, it tells us about your school as well.  The first page of the evaluation tells us about your school’s grading scale, the most difficult courses available at your school, how many honors/AP/IB courses are available, etc.  This information lets us know about your school’s curriculum.  This is important because we are reviewing your curriculum based on what you have available to you.  The second page is where your high school counselor tells us about your curriculum.  He or she will rate your curriculum difficulty for each of the five academic areas.  If you have any questions about the classes you are taking or planning to take, it’s always best to start with your high school counselor. We have an electronic and paper version of our high school evaluation.  The online form is better in that it can be automatically dropped into your file once we receive it.  In fact, it will generally show up as received in an applicant’s myStatus within 2 to 3 business days after it has been submitted.  If you submit […]

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Electronic College Transcripts

  David Graves      June 15th, 2010

I sat in on a very interesting meeting today involving transfer admissions and XML transcripts. While this might not seem exciting to talk about, it could lead to a dramatic change in the processing and review of files in the future. At this time, a college transcript is mailed to us, opened, scanned, and then moved into a student’s file, which is then placed into a group of files the need to be reviewed for admission. Let’s say we pull up a transfer application for review. We would look at the transcript(s) to determine what classes will transfer, how many hours will transfer, and determine the transfer GPA. If we admit the student, an evaluator must then manually enter in each class, credit hour and grade for each college course, and our articulation system that will translate the coursework into UGA courses (the system is what the Transfer Equivalency site is based off of). With an XML transcript, the transcript will come in, and if it matches an admission file, it would be pushed into the articulation system on a course by course basis, calculate the GPA and hours, and wait for a review by an admissions evaluator. The evaluator will review the file for any oddities, review the grades and hours, and then move forward with an admission decision. In other words, it will take a lot of data entry out of the situation, and make the entire process more streamlined and efficient. While we are still months (or […]

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The EA deadline is approaching!

  David Graves      October 12th, 2009

In three days, the EA deadline will be upon us. For our office, this means that between now and the 15th, we will receive between 2,000-3,000 applications, bins upon bins of mail, and lots of phone calls saying “Where  is my …(you fill in the blank). The best thing that any applicant can do right now is be patient. This week is kind of like rush hour in Atlanta traffic, where you just have to be patient and wait out the gridlock. No amount of horn blowing (or calling us) will get the materials to our office and into our system any quicker. The best solution, as I have said before, is to have your school submit materials online through our website, and if your school is in GA, submit the transcripts through GACollege411. We will opening mail, scanning documents, and matching up materials as fast as we can! So, relax, be patient with us, and know that if you have submitted everything on time, we will post it in our system and on the status check shortly!

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Skip the paper, send things electronically

  David Graves      July 6th, 2009

As I have said before, the UGA Admissions office will be going paperless for the 2010 admissions cycle (and all the people cheered!). What this means is that any data sent to our office will be placed into an electronic file for each applicant. If any paper document is sent to our office, it will be scanned into the imaging system, then matched with the applicant’s file. But in our forward thinking office, we have a suggestion for all applicants; When possible, go paperless! If you apply, do it online through our website. We will still accept paper applications, but here is where reality hits. An online application’s data goes into our system overnight, the data enterred is controlled by you, the applicant, and you can view the status check within the next few days to verify the application. For a paper application, it has to go through the mail, be opened and scanned by our system, shifted to another individual, and then keyed into our system by that person (who may or may not be able to read your handwriting). This is not an overnight process, and may take up to three weeks. Life is much easier with an online application, trust me! The next steps are to get us your supplemental materials, from test scores (must be sent electronically by the testing agency), a school evaluation, a teacher recommendation (if not admitted Early Action), and a transcript. Of the last three items, the first two can be submitted […]

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