David Graves      October 5th, 2009 in Blog

Dear Parents: We know that this is a tough time for you, as colleges seem to focus most of their attention on your child, while leaving you a little bit out of the conversation. The dynamic has shifted, and instead hearing “Oh, you must be Richard and Sharon’s son!”, it is now “Oh, you must be Jeffrey’s parents!” (Yes, these are real names of a great student and his family last week, and I hope you don’t mind Jeffrey).

Colleges have a tough balancing act, where we want to work with the student/applicant and get an understanding about their level of responsibility, yet still work with the parents, as you play a major part in the college process. Yes, through all the stories about Helicopter Parents and “Meet the Parents” images, the truth is, colleges value their interaction with an applicant’s parents (and not just because you pay the bills!). Many colleges will have special mailings, send out targeted emails, or have special programs or break out sessions during programs for parents. We really do want to connect with you!

So here is your chance, parents. What questions do you have that you are dying to ask? You can post as Anonymous, ask whatever questions you would like through the comment option, and I will try to respond as quickly as possible. Fire Away!

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