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The Early Action deadline has come and gone, and we will spend the next several weeks matching up transcripts, test scores, recommendations, etc. Please be patient while we go through documents, as we had two full bins this morning, we are also receiving large numbers of e-documents through Parchment and GA411, and we will have a large number of test scores sent to us this time 

As of now, we have just over 12,000 Early Action applications, which is slightly above last year. Now the important thing is to make sure your file is complete. We will be taking the October SAT scores if they were requested when you signed up for the exam, and we will be receiving a large number of other test scores, as we know there is always a high volume of requests just before the deadline.

I have no idea at this time any exact timelines, what the applicant pool looks like right now, etc., so please do not ask what it looks like for admissions for EA this year. And as always, I do not guess about decisions, whether you will be admitted, deferred or denied, etc.

So for right now, here is what I suggest you do and not do:

Things To Do

  • Check with your school and the testing agencies to make sure your required materials were sent, and check your myStatus page
  • Keep up with your class work during Fall term, as senioritis is not an acceptable excuse for poor senior grades.
  • Stay out of trouble, or better yet, perform a Random Act of Kindness
  • Be patient with UGA Admissions (and all admissions offices)
  • Enjoy your senior year, and be kind to your teachers and counselors
Things Not To Do
  • Don’t contact us a day or two after something is sent and check and see if we have received it. We suggest giving us 5-10 business days, as it takes time to match up tens of thousands of items.
  • Don’t assume that someone else will send us items. You are the owner of your test scores, transcripts, etc., so you need to make sure they are sent to us.
  • Don’t forget that if you send us an ACT, we require an ACT Writing score.
  • Don’t listen to, spread, or believe in rumors about UGA Admissions. If someone says “I heard that UGA …”, run away.

Go Dawgs!

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