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UGA Overall Admissions

The UGA applicant pool has grown at a substantial rate recently. If you look at the number of applicants over the past 10 years, you will see tremendous growth in our applicant pool both in size and in academic strength. We have gone from 11,000 EA applicants for 2013 to 26,000 EA applicants this year, and we expect the overall applicant pool (EA and RD together) to show similar growth. In addition, the applicant pool has flipped from roughly 65% In-State applicants in 2013 to 40% In-State applicants this year. As such, our admissions process has had to adapt as well. As a part of UGA’s role as the flagship university for the state of Georgia, we have a commitment to serve the state of Georgia. The stated goal for UGA for 2023 and beyond is to maintain a rough balance for enrolling freshmen (not admitted students but enrolling students) at 80% In-State and 20% Out-of-State. Over the last few years, this has meant a slight difference in the admission process for in-state vs out-of-state, but I expect that it will be much more pronounced in 2023 and beyond. UGA still wants a strong, broad based freshman class, and we want students from all around the country and the world to enroll here, but we must do this within the scope of the desired 80/20 enrollment balance.

Total Overall Early Action Applicant Data

Here is some data on the overall EA applicant pool so that people have a better understanding of the competitiveness of the group. Again, this is data on the total EA applicant pool, and not on the group we will be accepting (which will be higher). While we have seen an increase in the application numbers for EA by about 4,500 applicants, the academic data points have either stayed the same or grown over the Fall 2022 applicant group. In other words, we expect that this will be an extremely competitive year for admission in both the EA round and in the overall process.

EA Applications – 26,000 Applicants– This is a 21% increase over last year.

  • 10,500 GA Residents, 15,500 Non-GA Residents. The academic data is very similar between In-State and Out-of-State students.

UGA mid-50% GPA Average – 3.81-4.22 – This is calculated by UGA using core classes, and not the GPA seen on the HS transcript. Over 15,000 of our EA applicants have a 4.00 UGA GPA or higher.

ACT mid-50% Average – 27-33 – This is based on the students who submitted ACT scores as a part of their file. Remember, UGA focuses on the ACT English and Math scores, but we report the Composite data as that is the official/accepted data for national publications. 

SAT mid-50% Average – 1250-1430 -This is based on the students who submitted SAT scores as a part of their file.

AP/IB/DE mid-50% Courses – 5-11 – We determine academic rigor by reviewing the overall course selection in all core classes over 4 years, but this data helps with understanding the competitiveness. This is the total number of AP/IB/DE courses taken by our applicants over their 4 years in HS (so through senior year).

UGA is planning on releasing the EA decisions on the status page on Friday, November 18 at 4 pm EST. We are excited about this, and I am guessing you are as well, and hopefully it will allow for a little less nerve-wracking Thanksgiving break for some of you. I will also have an updated post on decision day with data on the admitted group.

Go Dawgs!


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