David Graves      November 1st, 2021 in Blog

This morning the UGA Admissions Office announced that our Early Action decision release date would be Friday, November 19 in the late afternoon. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know not to ask when late afternoon is, as I cannot give you an exact time. In the lead up to the decisions going out in three weeks, here is some data about this year’s Early Action application group.
  • Total EA Applications: 21,530 (submitted and app fee paid)
    • This is an increase of 4% or so from last year.
  • Complete Early Action Applications as of today: 19,800
    • 92% are complete right now.
  • EA Applicants Applying within 3 days of Deadline: 11,514
    • Wow, just wow.
  • Percentage of EA Applicants using Common App: 94%
    • We are fine with any application source, but we are starting to see more and more Common App submits.
  • Residency data on EA apps: 46% in-state, 54% out-of-state/international
    • Our growth this year in EA was in non-GA residents.
  • Most common majors: Undecided Business – 2,031, Biology – 1,999 applicants and Finance 1,616
    • We do not make different decisions based on major, but it is always interesting to see the different academic interests of our applicants.

I order to deal with the large increase in applications, we project that we will be delaying the release of EA scholarship information and the Honors decisions until early December (no exact date yet). This will give us more time to focus on our EA admissions reviews and will help us stay on time with the 11/19 decision release date. It was either this or delay the decisions, and we felt this was the best option.

We have a large number of very strong EA applicants this year, and now we just have to get through reviewing these files. We are deep into our holistic read process for a number of our EA applications, so from now until decision day we will be limited in our communications. As such, please be patient with our team.

Good luck, and Go Dawgs!

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