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On Friday, December 11 in the late afternoon, UGA Admissions will release the initial merit scholarship offers and Honors acceptances through the admissions status page, and then later through a mailed letter. Please remember that these are only the initial offers for both of these programs, as additional Honors acceptances and scholarship offers will be sent out through April. Both of these offers are made based on academic and co-curricular information, and are made to both test optional and test submitted students. I do not have specific data or percentages on these groups (focused on Spring enrollment and file reading right now), so please just know these are extremely strong admitted EA students. As well, I do not have any information on the Foundation Fellowship scholarship process/timelines.

  • The Honors Program acceptances are initial offers made to a group of students from the Early Action admitted pool. If a student is not offered an Honors Program acceptance initially, they should then submit an Honors Application (visit their web site for more details). These decisions are made by the Honors Program, so any questions should be directed to Honors, as admissions cannot answer for them.
  • The Scholarship offers are initial offers to a small group of EA admitted students, and the Admissions Office will be making a number of additional offers through mid-April. UGA uses the admissions application for the review of scholarships, so there is no additional application or step a student needs to take to be considered for these awards. As well, we do not use demonstrated interest in these reviews, so there is no need to communicate your interest (we assume that if you applied to UGA, you are interested in attending). For students looking at other financial aid (need based aid or the state HOPE/Zell awards for GA residents), the UGA Office of Student Financial Aid will start communicating with students about their initial offers in mid to late December.

Communications about these initial offers will go out only to students offered a scholarship or Honors acceptance, so a message will not go out to everyone who was admitted. An email will be sent out to people offered one of these options, and it will alert them to check their status page for an update. As well, a mailed letter will be sent out, but I cannot guess when it will arrive at a student’s home due to delivery being controlled by the USPS.

I hope this helps you understand the next steps in UGA’s process, and Go Dawgs!

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