David Graves      October 10th, 2016 in Blog

We are within a week of the EA deadline, so here are some updates about the process so far.

  • Currently, we have roughly 10,200 EA applications submitted as of right now (3;12 pm on 10/10). We expect a jump in application numbers as we get closer to the deadline, and we heavily suggest not waiting until the last minute to apply. Deadlines are usually when your computer fails, your dog gets sick on the keyboard, etc.
  • For students impacted by Hurricane Matthew, we will be extending the EA deadline to 11:59 pm on October 18. We hope that you and your family are safe following the devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew. We understand that recovering from the storm may be your top priority over the next week, and we have extended our Early Action application deadline to Tuesday, October 18 for applicants impacted by the hurricane. If you wish to take advantage of this deadline extension, please note that there is no need to contact us. Simply submit your application by 11:59 p.m. on October 18 and you will receive full consideration as an Early Action applicant.
  • For all students, we will continue to accept supplemental materials, including the school report and transcript, through October 22nd. 
  • Remember that in order to assure that UGA can use your SAT/ACT scores, the tests must be both taken and UGA must be selected as a score recipient by the 10/15 deadline. This means that if you put in UGA as a score recipient of the Oct. 1 SAT, we can use it. This also means that we are not able to use the Oct. 22 ACT, as those scores will arrive too late for EA.
  • Of the students who have submitted EA applications, roughly 60% have a complete file! This is well ahead of past years, in part due to our new system. The worst calls we have to answer are from students who did not get in all required materials, so make sure everything is sent in on time.
  • Applicants, remember to both check your application status page to make sure we have all required materials, and to allow for emails from uga.edu in case we need to send you a reminder email.
Have a great fall semester, and Go Dawgs!

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