David Graves      November 19th, 2010 in Blog

In the late afternoon of December 3, UGA anticipates that we will make the Early Action decisions available on the myStatus page. We say anticipate in case something unforeseen causes a delay (power outage, the Board of Regents making a change, office closing due to a blowout win by UGA over GA Tech in football, etc.). In addition, we expect that we will begin mailing out the decision letters on December 3, although these will take a few days to get out as, we have over 10,600 letters to send out. We are thrilled that we will most likely get decisions out earlier than normal, and we hope this is good news for you as well!

(Since the newest Harry Potter movie is being released today in theaters, I thought the Owl Post image was appropriate, but sorry, no owls or bulldogs will be delivering your decision letters!).

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