David Graves      July 27th, 2009 in Blog

I had a chance to speak with a group of Athens students and parents last night, talking mostly about the college admissions process, but also a little about UGA. In some ways, these students are a little luckier than others, as UGA is right around the corner, and they are able to visit our campus at almost any time they are free. For most students, it takes a little more planning (or sometimes a great deal more) to visit the college of their choice.

That is why, from September to November, admissions counselors from all around the nation begin their travel season, visiting high schools and attending college fairs. Sometimes, I think it should almost be a show on National Geographic, with the camera crew following the migratory trek of the admissions officer, venturing out from it’s home on an eight week journey, only to return again to it’s natural habitat, exhausted, a little brain-dead, and happy it’s journey is complete.

For those wanting to follow the travels of our counselors this fall, we have the “Meet UGA Near You” web site ( updated weekly) with a database listing of our office’s travels. Even if UGA is going to be visiting your high school or attending a college fair in your area, we still heavily suggest that you visit our campus. I hope everyone’s summer is finishing up well, and good luck with the start of school in the next few weeks!

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