David Graves      July 23rd, 2009 in Blog

Just a quick heads-up to any and all transfer students who applied for Spring 2010. We have started reviewing these files, and as of 7/22, we have begun to send out decisions. Unlike freshman decisions, where there are three specific dates where we send out decisions, transfer decisions go out on a rolling basis and each file takes a great deal of time to review. I expect that we will continue to send out decisions through the end of September, as the deadline is 9/15. And please remember that it is up to you, the student, to make sure your file is complete. Make sure you have sent in updated transcripts with all your work (if you sent a transcript to UGA in January, you need to send another one if you have spring work), and make sure you send in transcripts from all colleges (even if it was dual enrollment in high school or a summer transient class).

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