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Sometime this week, our office will open up the Summer Transfer application, and the Fall Transfer application will open up in late January/mid February. Here are a few notes for students who are considering applying as transfer applicants.

  • If you have been following this blog for the past few months, you know that we are implementing a new student information system. For this year, the summer applicants are on the old system, and the fall applicants are on the new system. What this means for transfer applicants is that we do not have the ability to change your term from summer to fall or fall to summer unless a new application is completed. As such, you need to select the term (summer or fall) that you wish to start classes at UGA carefully, as you will need to stick with this start term.
  • Because of the new student system, we have had to move up the Summer transfer application deadline to February 15, a change of 15 days, to insure smooth processing of transfer coursework in our systems. If you are applying for Summer transfer admissions, please make sure to focus on getting your application and all materials in before the deadline to make your admission process move forward efficiently.
  • Transfer deadlines are for both the application and for all college
    transcripts. UGA will only review academic work that is completed and
    sent to our office by the deadline. For example, Fall transfer
    applicants have a deadline of 4/1, so we can only review work completed
    and into our office by 4/1. We cannot use work from a Spring term where
    classes are in progress and will be completed after the deadline. In addition, we do not need a high school transcript for transfer applicants, so please do not request this to be sent to UGA.
  • There is no difference in our review process from summer to fall, or the terms we can use for review are the same (see the previous bullet point), so make an educated decision on what start term you wish to apply for transfer admission. Do not select summer transfer admission just to try and have a decision earlier but with the intention of switching to fall, as this will cause you problems due to the change in student systems.
  • Summer term has a number of course options, both on the UGA campus and online, so review this option carefully and see if it fits your needs. 
  • We often get a question revolving around starting in the summer and if you can then continue normally at UGA for the fall and beyond. If you start at UGA and take classes as a student in the summer (not as a transient/guest student), you can then attend for the fall and beyond, just like any other student for any other term.
  • Remember, in progress courses cannot be used for admission consideration, all college transcripts from all colleges where you have grades (even dual enrollment work from high school) are needed in order for us to review your file. 
  • If you have AP or IB credit at your current college, it must show up as specific courses with specific hours and college course titles and course numbers on a college transcript to be considered as transferable work.

I hope this helps in the transfer process, and make sure you do not wait until the last minute to apply or send in transcripts.

Go Dawgs!

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