David Graves      June 30th, 2010 in Blog

Yesterday, I sent out two emails to incoming freshman (and I expect I will send out a few more before the end of summer) asking for more information on why their last semester grades had a serious decline. These are not fun emails, as these students are ones where there are serious issues with poor senior grades, and it is at a point where UGA might revoke the admissions offer. Generally, these are students with multiple D/F grades, and no stated issue concerning the grade decline.

We send out an initial communication to these students in case there are personal issues that occurred during the senior year of which we are unaware, with our goal being to understand what has happened before we take any action. Just so you know, we do this for two reasons. First, any admitted student must still show that they are ready for UGA, and have maintained the academic standing that brought about the admission offer in the first place. Secondly, though, is that a severe drop in grades senior year has historically led to very poor grades in the freshman year at UGA, and this is not what UGA or the student really wants in starting off their college years.

So, for all prospective students (especially rising seniors), please know that UGA looks at final grades, and “senioritis” is not an acceptable excuse for poor senior grades. I am not saying you need to make straight A’s senior year, but please make sure to keep up the strong work you are hopefully doing now. Please don’t make me send you an email next summer!

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