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Later this month, we will be releasing acceptance letters for a small group of freshman applicants. These admits, who are primarily Regular Decision (RD) applicants, are students who meet the criteria that UGA admissions used for Early Action (EA) admits. Just to stop any questions, there are no set “EA critieria levels”, as it is a review of the combination of grades, rigor and test scores, so please do not ask what EA criteria is. Whenever we release these February decisions, we always get questions, ranging from “Why didn’t I hear” to “Does this mean that more decisions will roll out through the month of March” and so on. for those of you who have been following my blog, here is a quick reminder.

The three freshman decision release dates:

  • Mid December – EA Decisions released
  • Late February – Admit letters for RD or deferred EA applicants meeting EA admit criteria
  • Late March – Final Decisions for all remaining freshman applicants

Why do we release a small group of February acceptances? Well, if an applicant has applied Regular Decision, has a perfect 4.00 GPA, 12 AP classes in a variety of areas, and a 1540/750 SAT (an actual situation this year), why wouldn’t we want to admit this student? Just like with EA admits, there are a group of Regular Decision applicants who are well above what is expected academically, and we want to move forward with admitting these students now. As well, this is a good example of the of how the rumors and myths out there, such as it is easier/harder to be admitted EA/RD, are not true. We are carefully reviewing the applicant pool, and treating them equally regardless of EA/RD.

Please remember, we still have a large amount of file reading, reviewing of the overall applicant pool, and a great deal more admission decisions to make before this year’s admission cycle is done, so be patient. Ignore any wild rumors, know that there will still be a substantial number of admit letters to go out, and finish up your senior year strong!

Go Dawgs!

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