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Now that Early Action decisions have been made, here are a few items of note of what will be going on over the next few weeks in Admissions:

Starting today (Monday, 12/6), we will begin to enter in the materials that came in late for EA applicants, and the materials that we could not load in late last week for RD applicants due to the volume of decisions that had to go out. Please be patient as we enter in this data, and know that we will get materials in ASAP.

On Wednesday (12/8), we will begin to load in SAT and ACT scores that we have been holding since just after the third week in Nov., when we had to halt the import of test scores in order to make EA admission decisions. Please be patient, as it takes a little while to get these into the system (there are a number score uploads with only a handful of scores each, so it takes more time to do it).

Later this week, we will also get back to looking at RD applicants and double checking their transcripts against their self-reported grades, and making sure everything is okay with their files.

Next week and the week folllowing, our office will begin to get in Fall semester college grades for students, both for Spring enrolling freshmen and transfers, and as well Summer/Fall transfers. Please bear with us on this, as they all seem to come at once and it takes a while to wade through them.

And for the freshman who have or will apply to UGA through GA411, then you would have received (or will receive) an email (sent to the email on the GA411 app) the day after we pushed your application into our system. It would have given you a method to gain access to our myStatus page, and it would have given you a link to confirm your situation. If your email client pushed this email to Spam, or if you did not confirm the myStatus connection, then you would not have been able to then connect to your myStatus account. Please make sure that you have uga.edu emails on your email white list (allowable emails), and review the email account you gave us on your application. Hopefully our tech dept. has taken care of the few GA411 applicants who had trouble accessing their myStatus page, and that this will not be a problem in the future.

Thank you for all your comments, and I hope I was able to answer a majority of your questions.

Go Dawgs!

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