David Graves      May 19th, 2011 in Blog

Based on the overwhelming response of  accepted freshmen submitting commitment deposits for the Summer/Fall terms of 2011, UGA will only be able to admit a very small number of freshman off the wait-list. It is expected that it will be less than 10 students who are admitted, and we will begin sending out this information in the mail to both the admitted students and the students for which we are not able to offer admission. The offers of admission will be shown on the myStatus page first (they should show up today, 5/19), followed later this week by the decisions where we could not offer admission. UGA only has a limited amount of space for freshman, from courses to residence halls and more, and we cannot move forward with any further offers of admission. Generally, the few students who were admitted were done so for Spring term and after communication with other offices on campus (for example, Landscape Architecture).

We understand that this is not the decision that wait-listed students would like to hear, but hopefully you have all moved forward with a plan B option as both the University and I advised you to do at the beginning of the wait-list process. I do not suggesting contacting our office about this situation, as we are not able to change the decision. We wish you well at your other college options.

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