David Graves      May 10th, 2013 in Blog

We are continuing to work as quickly as possible to review the remaining Fall transfer applications.  At this time, we have made roughly 1700 decisions of the 2500 applications we received this year.  The majority of Fall Transfer applications should be processed by the end of the month.

Please remember we cannot tell you when you will have a decision as this depends on many factors.  Applications are generally processed in the order in which the last required transcript was received.  Your myStatus will let you know when we received your last transcript.

Most applications completed in the beginning of March or earlier have been reviewed.  If you are transferring from an out-of-state college or a college we have not had many students apply from, your application may take a bit longer to review.  Transfer decisions are updated on the status check as they are made.

If you have been admitted and want to see how your courses transferred, log on to DegreeWorks.  Visit the Orientation site as well to learn about your next steps and to register for a session.

Congratulations to the University of Georgia students graduating today, Go Dawgs!

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