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Summer is upon us, and that means one thing (at least in admissions that is): Orientation! If you are a new student to UGA, you are required to attend an Orientation session (and you get to meet the Orientation Leaders in the photo!). In order to have a successful time at Orientation, you need to make sure to take certain steps to be ready for this event.

  1.  Review the Orientation To-Do list for First-Year and Transfer students.
  2. Prior to attending Orientation, make sure you have taken care of several items that are required before you can register for classes at Orientation. Make sure you have cleared your Verification of Lawful Presence requirement (see your myStatus for how to submit documents for this), send in your Health Center Immunization forms well before your session, and complete the Emergency Contact information in Athena.
  3.  If you have any transfer work that needs to be reviewed and posted to your account (dual enrollment work for freshman, Spring work for Summer/Fall transfers), get the transcripts into UGA ASAP. Getting this transcript in will mean that you can register for courses that might need this work posted as prerequisite credit. In addition, make sure to send in any AP or IB scores to UGA to make sure the Registrar can post the credit.
  4. Review the Pre-Orientation Placement Testing information to see if you need to take any placement exams, and if possible, do these prior to Orientation. Many students will be able to exempt one or more placement tests due to SAT/ACT/AP scores, but you need to check and make sure.
  5. Send in your final HS transcript. While we do not need this by your Orientation date, it is best to have this sent in as early as possible so you do not forget about this. If this is not sent in by late June, you will be receiving emails/texts reminding you to send it, and not having this sent to us will cause you not to be able to register for Spring 2017 classes and beyond. Do yourself a favor, send it in ASAP!
  6. Download the iPhone app for UGA, and review the Orientation section of the app. This app section gives you a glimpse of the projected schedule and helps you understand more what to expect.

Orientation is where you will be able to learn about what is means to be a student at UGA and how to chart your path at Georgia, from course registration to advising to activities/clubs and much more.Orientation is a crash course in College 101, and you need to make sure to listen and soak up as much as you can.

Go Dawgs!

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