David Graves      July 20th, 2010 in Blog

Greetings Everyone!

I will be out of the office for a few days, so please be patient as I will not be able to answer your questions for a short while.

In preparation for this, here are a few suggestions for what type of questions to ask or not ask on this blog (and if you speak to an admissions counselor) in order to best help you in the admissions process.

1) Do not ask me to guess if you will be admitted or not. My standard answer will be to let you know that I will not guess about decisions, as it is too complicated, I do not have enough information on you and the overall applicant pool, and I just cannot do it.

2) Ask questions about the process, especially if you are confused about something. It is not bad to ask questions, and I will be happy to tell you more about our process, what we look at in an applicant, etc.

3) Do not spread an admissions myth or rumor when asking a question. I am happy to answer any question you have, but it always starts things on a bad note when I have to shoot down an admissions myth to start my response (see Top 10 Urban Legends).

4) Feel free to ask about timelines, deadlines, and what is happening in Admissions during the year. Also feel free to offer up suggestions for what you would like to read more about concerning admissions.

5) Avoid phrases such as “I heard”, try the search field before asking some questions, be patient, and try not to use Anonymous when commenting.

6) Remember that this is a public forum, so make sure your comments are suitable for the public. As well, remember that this is a blog where you can learn about UGA and interact with someone from Admissions. This is not a UGA discussion chat room where you are asking other viewers of their guesses, opinions, etc. There are other forums for this type of chat, but not here.

7) Go Dawgs!!! (I had to say it!).