David Graves      May 14th, 2010 in Blog

It is Friday, so it is time to once again give you an update on fall transfers. At this time, we have reviewed and made decisions on approximately 1700 applications (rough average of 60 decisions a day), and if we subtract the approximately 400 or so incomplete files, I expect that we have about 400 or so decisions left to go. Some of these are very difficult files that take much longer, but a majority of these are applicants that applied after March 1 and we are just getting to them. It has been a long and challenging process for both you, the applicants, but also for our evaluation team, as it is not a quick process. We must review every class, and if admissible, key in how each class comes into UGA, when it was taken, the number of HOPE hours, etc. Everyone will be glad when this process is done!

Please remember that if you make comments, please give me enough information to actually give accurate feedback, and try to not comment as Anonymous. It helps me keep my responses straight, and may make more sense to people following the comments at a later time.

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