David Graves      June 1st, 2009 in Blog

I needed to get out of the office today, and walked down to the center of campus to clear my mind. I went inside the Tate Student Center for a snack, and noticed that the walkway to the new wing of the Tate Center, known at this time as Tate 2, was open. Yes, as big as this construction project is, I still missed the actual grand opening!

If you are visiting campus in the near future, this is one place you have to visit. It is in the center of campus, right next to the Miller Learning Center, and it looks amazing. For a better view, take a look at the Tate 2 website. And while I do not recommend any restaurant over another in Athens, a good friend of the family, Davis Fleming, would eat every meal at Barberito’s if he could, and now he has one when he visits campus.

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