David Graves      March 13th, 2014 in Blog

*Our system is now back up as of late yesterday, so we will be pushing in transfer applications (and the associated documents) and commitment deposits now. Please give us time to catch up on these items, and know that we are updating the myStatus page every day in the early am hours.

Starting on 3/13, and going through the middle of the following week, UGA’s new student system will be down in order to shift current student data, such as academic history and financial aid information, from our old system to the new one. This is an extremely complex process that needs to be extremely accurate, thus resulting in the down time.

This will not cause any problems for admissions, but it does mean that for the length of this down time, we will not be able to push in any new transfer applications, enter in any new commitment deposits, or update any new documents that come in on our myStatus page. This will not impact our review of freshman files, and we will still be moving forward on finishing up summer transfer/transient applicants and preparing for fall transfer file reviews. In addition, we will be posting this information on our myStatus page.

As soon as the new system is back up, we will move forward with entering in fall transfer applications and supporting materials, and we will resume the entry of commitment deposits. Thank you for your patience with this downtime.

Go Dawgs!

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